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There was a line of people standing behind a red rope waiting to get in.
The simple secret is an inexpensive rope light wrapped in dried corn husks.
Before planting, test out possible outlines for your border with a rope or hose.
Make a rope out of the lint and tuck it under the foliage where it doesn't show, she says.
He straps on a pair of steel spurs and hefts a coil of thick rope.
We tied a rope to a clump of serviceberry bushes and slid down it, leaving the rope in place for our return.
One lone rope was found trailing in the water, not hooked up to any rigging, with the ends frayed.
If you put a boat fender out on a rope, he'd hold it in his mouth and play tug-of-war, gently enough not to destroy the fender.
Next to the equipment two more boys jumped rope, their bare feet bouncing in rhythm on the cracked concrete.
Each family's small lot is neatly marked off with rope.
Yet, many of you dolts still can't believe someone can make geometric designs with rope and wood while stepping on wheat stalks.
He found a rope in his cell that was half as long enough to permit him to reach the ground safely.
We'd better stop romanticising our instincts and see them for what they are: old rope that trips us up in modern life.
As anyone who has ever played with a rope shaking it real fast or yelled can see.
Mock wireless antennae of bamboo and rope had been erected to receive in advance the news of the millennium.
Imagine getting cuffed by a sea lion then pulled in by a rope.
For years, special-interest groups have raised money to buy and rope off wild lands to protect them.
Same idea as how hemp or cotton or wool is refined into yarn, string or rope.
He had seen the poor dog chained to the fence with a short rope over several weeks.
We've solved that problem by rigging a rope on a cable to brush the snow off the roof.
The plant's long, strong fibres twist easily into rope, which made it useful for parachute webbing.
Because they usually choose less radical methods-pills rather than a gun or a rope-the great majority survive.
Gold is not immune to this set of arbitrary notions, anymore than wampum or knots on a rope.
They board from under the stern, out of sight of the bridge, by throwing a grapnel up to the rail and climbing up the rope.
Reachable only by a ladder and rope, this resembles nothing so much as a tree-house with sewing-machines.
Lo and behold, when they tried the same experiments using bone and rope toys, no endowment effect was seen.
All the hoisting and hauling of sails is done with simple rope purchases.
Take some type of rope and stretch it out on the ground.
But getting behind the velvet rope isn't based on market cap, earnings or shares owned.
With more or less difficulty he would be conducted to a picket rope outside and fastened there.
He suffered her to feed through the day, and at night tied her up with a vile rope round her neck.
When she reached the well, she found that the rope was broken and that she could get no water.
On the following morning the sacristan offered the rope anew to the sufferer.
Get a sailor of the old school to relay the coils before you go into the field so that the rope will be ready for use.
He hadn't felt that way two days before, when he'd raced up the same route with a rope.
They also carried supplies of rope, tools, and ammunition.
Lying on your back, loop a rope around the arch of one foot.
Bugs were swarming around my headlamp, and someone pulled on a rope and this huge fish came up out of the murk.
Rock climbers, coils of rope slung over their shoulders, swap stories over beer on a patio.
My rope is actually tied to a tree on top of the arch.
Hides are used for leather, and hair is used for rope and cloth.
He clips his harness onto the rope and slowly steps down the crater's walls.
While his true story remains unknown, it did not conclude at the end of a rope.
The coffin contained two wooden sandals lashed with rope.
No longer are you standing outside the rope trying to catch the doorman's eye, waiting hungrily to be admitted.
Tie a support rope where the diagonal ropes crisscross--thread it through the keeper knots.
Make a shower curtain by threading a length of rope through the eyelets on a standard opaque shower curtain.
Secure the sides of the tent by tying one side of the sidewall rope to the tent poles.
The one-day course teaches rappelling, belaying, climbing technique and rope tying.
When he did find it, he tied the end of the rope around its base and dropped the coil over the bluff.
Taking a deep breath, he lowered the rear hatch of the truck and inspected the rope knotted to a hefty wooden crate.
She pulls, perhaps a bit roughly, at the rope on its neck.
The coxswain freezes on the rope, refusing to lower.
The deer hung, already split, turning back and forth on a rope.
They don't, for selling you the rope with which you hung yourself.
We'd go clamming in the bay with an inner tube floating out behind us, tied to my waist by a rope.
So he does not particularly enjoy being told that he has to be the one with the rope doing the pulling.
At some point someone secured a rope to the portside promenade and dangled it down into the stairway.
The stalks of the plant contain fibers that have been woven for millennia to make rope, canvas, and paper.
Stretch bottom edge of dough up over filling and press tightly to seal, then roll up as tightly as possible to form a rope.
She is tied by a rope to a guide above her and her husband below, but she can't seem to make progress on the rock.
The rope is not a normal gallows rope but the stem of an opium poppy.
He acts in it as well, playing the role of a teacher at the end of his rope.
In the credit sequence, a fried egg took on an unnerving affinity to a sliced eye, and shoelaces resembled rope tugged tight.
He looped a rescue rope once around his waist, and then pushed off from the shore and paddled out to the sea ice.
Bamboo is being lashed together with colorful rope by a merry band of climbers.
Ice climbers work in teams of two, and are tethered by a rope.
She headed off to her room to change into her pewter sheath and diamond-rope-necklace.
It had been decapitated and was dangling by a rope tied around the armpits.
We used to do the pendulum demonstration with the aid of a stepladder, a clothes iron, and a generous length of rope.
The forest the islanders depended on for rollers and rope didn't simply disappear one day--it vanished slowly, over decades.
The problem is akin to joining a rope to a cement wall.
If it was freestanding, it was attached to a long or a short piece of rope, or no rope at all.
Maneuvering safely requires deft use of a nylon rope that they tie off every time a cave wall turns.
It is as if one of the parents suddenly let go of the rope and it flew toward the other side.
Also, hemp rope is the best marine rope in the world.
Picture twirling over your head two objects held together by a rope, and then cutting the rope.
Autism speaks was trying to walk the neutral tight rope.
Wire rope nondestructive testing provides a useful and reliable means to determine the remaining life of a rope.
Rope life can be prolonged if preventive maintenance is performed regularly.
Rope means the equipment used to suspend a component of an equipment installation, ie, wire rope.
Lean back on the rope benches and cushions scattered among the reeds and feast with your fingers on the steaming, succulent meat.
Game consists of two long pieces of rope with wrist loops at the end.
Press the twisted rope around the cut edge of the border.

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