rootstock in a sentence

Example sentences for rootstock

Advancements in rootstock breeding and selection have revolutionized the manner in which apples are grown throughout the world.
Rootstock effects on plant vigor and watermelon fruit quality.
Rootstock resistance to fusarium wilt and effect on fruit yield and quality of two muskmelon cultivars.
Long used for cold-hardy rootstock, the trees typically bear pear-shaped or oval fruit that ripen in fall.
Alarmingly, this particular rootstock is noted for disease resistance, especially in soils were drainage is a problem.
The active principles of kava rootstock are mostly, if not entirely, contained in the lipid-soluble resin.
Rootstock effect on growth of apple scions with different growth habits.
Large rootstock had the highest grafting survival while the traditional waxing method resulted in grafting failure.
While needle width increased with age regardless of rootstock age, photosynthetic rates were a function of the rootstock used.
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