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The negotiation comes from how one can be rooted in a community, but not limited by it.
Yet while the rage in some ways transcends politics, in important ways it is deeply rooted in contemporary conservatism.
But past research has shown that the so-called hot hand is a myth, rooted in our tendency to see patterns where there are none.
Contemporary theories of reinforcement learning are rooted in the dopaminergic reward system.
Music seems to offer a novel method of communication rooted in emotions rather than in meaning.
It got rooted back in time when procreation was a necessity to keep your specific group or sect alive and flourish.
For example, some dreams are clearly rooted in everyday life.
It is a human piece about the penguin, not an article about adaptation rooted in science.
The fact that it is rooted in religious belief is irrelevant.
Our imaginations tend to be rooted in our own knowledge.
The idea that something can't come from nothing may be rooted in the physics of the universe.
The loss of high-frequency hearing is rooted in the inner ear, which consists of a hollow tube curled up into a snail shape.
The debate is rooted in the country's early history.
Partly, it is because the work is rooted in different values than the ones we've had.
Some elements of this thinking are probably transitional and others are deeply rooted.
Storage strength measures how deeply the memory is rooted.
He mercilessly rooted out perceived enemies of the state in what amounted to a crusade against science.
But those authors are firmly rooted in my middle-school and high-school memories.
Yet behind that pedestrian fa├žade is a company rooted in the world of information technology and distributed networks.
Fish that hide in the rocks are rooted out by the sharks that wriggle into the reef.
The claims all appear to be well rooted in science and backed by prominent climate scientists.
As with so many foods, the popularity of each coffee preparation method is deeply rooted in local history and culture.
But the difference is also rooted in conscious policy decisions.
There is ethnic and religious conflict, deeply rooted poverty, and corruption.
The pathologies of regulation are not rooted in tables of organization or curable by adding new bureaucratic layers.
Scholarship rarely triumphs over deeply rooted myths.
So the commission recommends higher standards only for the bits of the banking system that are rooted in the domestic market.
All politicians have been disconcerted by discontent that is at once deep-rooted and nebulous.
But these days management is less rooted in a company's home market.
Others argue that bribery by leading business groups remains deeply rooted and that no president has had the courage to tackle it.
Its problems were deeper-rooted than those in countries that recovered more quickly.
The idea is to attract private capital into solving a deep-rooted problem that is soaking up public money.
The stories will be rooted in some real-world scenarios.
Some were downright silly, some rooted in real politics.
Our long, distinguished history is rooted in a commitment to innovation, experimentation and constant change.
Perhaps our tendency to be direct is rooted in an effort to avoid cross-cultural miscommunication.
Research suggests that an array of adult woes could be rooted in the early dislocation of moving house.
The reader gets fragments of meaning and occasional glimpses of deep-rooted causes.
But the essential differences are rooted in the differences in the music.
Willow rooted more cuttings than cottonwood or sycamore, and those which rooted grew faster.
Farming is deeply rooted in ancient traditions and national psyches.
The reasons are complex and deeply rooted in history.
The fear-mongering and misinformation plaguing the faux-sweetener market seems to be rooted in a common misconception.
Even the junta's notorious xenophobia is rooted less in a desire for isolation than in an ingrained fear of invasion.
His regime is well rooted in the military and security apparatus.
It was more rooted in a moralistic view of the world and in community.
It's worth asking whether that image is rooted in reality.

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