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Example sentences for rooster

When someone set the alarm in the internal clock, they would click on a picture of a rooster.
If a rooster crows every minute of every hour of every day, eventually it will crow when the sun rises.
Undercover officers pose as construction workers to gather evidence of rooster fighting.
Undercover agents arrest a suspected rooster fighter while in possession of contraband birds.
Someone had bought the rooster and hens as a way of combating the recession.
We have this three-penny dictator, this bantam rooster of no consequence.
Theoretically, a weak rooster could fool hens by growing a deceptively large comb.
According to an alternate translation, the name meant: the rooster that watches over all the hens.
Rooster was worried about the foolish thing that had happened, too.

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In common with other rural regions much of the Iowa farm lore concerns the coming of company. When the roostermore
Once women invented farming, and began to keep and breed animals, they discovered the crucial function of the roos... more
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