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Example sentences for roomful

Picture a roomful of people slurping noodles out of toilet bowls, and you get the idea.
The tape showed a roomful of tiny cages resembling microwave ovens stacked on top of one another.
The next time you find yourself seated in a roomful of strangers, take a close look at your nearest neighbor.
Add a roomful of computers and a company could get to work.
The presenters offered a number of recommendations to the roomful of higher-education lawyers for limiting liability.
If you don't put in the time, it's obvious to a roomful of people who will anonymously eviscerate you at the end of the term.
You'll feel powerful, especially when your voice alone can make a roomful of pens and laptops quicken into life.
Think of it as a roomful of people, all with different ideas about what to do, and all shouting out their personal suggestions.
The local museum's box of unidentifiable objects became a roomful of exhibits, with detailed labels and interesting footnotes.
Librarians scurried to copying machines to fulfill the requests of a roomful of reporters.
He's the impulse to talk over an important personal problem with an entire roomful of concerned friends.
One imagines a roomful of fat cigar-smoking businessmen, trying to come up with ways to milk more profit from their customers.
For example, a soldier may need to target a roomful of enemy combatants located next door to a roomful of hostages.
And, in a roomful of former lawyers, he was a cop before he entered politics.
Before a roomful of onlookers and television cameras, they duly recorded their votes orally and then in writing.
She motioned to the roomful of art students in the audience.
We have a roomful of about a dozen folks right now, reading and trying to answer all of your questions.
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