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Example sentences for roofing

My neighbors did roofing, cleaning and cooking for a living.
After filling each hole, he walked over to a nearby tree and hammered in some roofing nails.
Some roofing material, door, and window damage of buildings.
Mask roof edges with metal drip edging, attaching it with roofing nails.
In the introduction, copper was mentioned for its usage in roofing and pipes.
There is talk of incorporating them into roofing materials and tinted windows.
Other indicators, such as sales of roofing material, point to busier economic activity.
Roofing materials can also be specified if a community wants a high standard of construction.
They designed a prototype house built around waterproofed bamboo sheet roofing and bamboo-reinforced concrete walls.
The roofing nails were to be used as ice picks, for clawing forward on one's stomach.
Money that is too old or worn is recycled to make roofing tiles, stationary, and other things.
These products include cement board siding, stone and brick, and stand and seam metal roofing.
They look perfect for allowing the trees room to sway and still integrating with the roofing.
The company also uses triple-junction amorphous silicon cells, and its modules can be attached to roofing materials.
Roofing surfaces that shrugged off ice could avert catastrophic collapses.
It became popular to use darker roofing shingles, which more resembled wooden shingles and better concealed dirt and mold.
Solar will soon be cheap enough to start replacing roofing shingles, gravel roofs and building facades.
Modern art and plush decor complement the thatched roofing and tropical vegetation in each accommodation.
Roll roofing was the mainstay of the steep-slope market until it was largely displaced by shingle products.
During building design and when your existing roof needs replacement are both excellent times to consider reflective roofing.
Metal roofing is mostly steel or aluminum, although copper and other metals are sometimes used.
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