roof garden in a sentence

Example sentences for roof garden

The best town houses have four floors, with a courtyard below and a roof garden to catch the ocean breeze.
During the summer, tables are set up on the roof garden.
The building's policy is to allow only shareholders to use the roof garden.
Attendees were provided a guided tour of a vacant tenant space, as well as the courtyard and roof garden.
The project will include amenities such as a roof garden, fitness center and a club house.
Given the building's size and configuration, all proposals should consider integrating a planted roof garden.
The low-tech south side has the living area topped by a roof garden to keep the house cool and in touch with nature.
Provide habitat elements using window boxes, patio or balcony planters, or an area of a roof garden.
The library has a roof garden and rain garden to process water runoff from the building and parking lot.
Metal roofing on the rest of the structure drains partly into the roof garden and partly into two rain barrels.
The building will include retail space on the ground floor and a roof garden.
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