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And now that roof is rotting, threatening the structural integrity of the building.
In the background is the incongruous yet constant beat of a percussion section on the building's roof.
The proposed roof bubble detracts from the pure shape and statement of the building's original designers.
One did a lot of damage and dumped a couple of school buses on the roof of a school building.
The owners escaped the fire by climbing the stairs to the roof and then over to the building next door.
If your building needs a new roof, the average donor sees that as something that should come out of the existing operating budget.
But an ideal roof would salvage the fresh water runoff into a cistern for plumbing for the building and irrigation needs.
The hotter the roof, the more energy it takes to cool the building beneath it.
If a large building is not available, get into an enclosed vehicle with a metal roof and sides.
The building had curved, roughly plastered concrete walls and a swelling roof that resembled a nun's wimple.
Integrating solar panels with the building, replacing the roof rather than adding on to it, is a critical next step.
Some how it seems to me that turning building roof tops into solar farms would be better land use.
High-albedo roof coatings can reduce building air-conditioning energy use.
It really doesn't take as long to do a roof mount as people think.
The roof of the channel then descends, immobilising the worm completely.
How much a green roof lowers energy costs depends on the type of roof and the climate in which it's installed.
Now look at this picture showing where the roof supports meet the roof.
Solar panels on the roof can cut a homeowner's use of conventional electricity in a sunny climate.
Redwood lattice battens and a shed roof create the rustic ranch-house look.
We all lurch and lose our balance-a truly horrifying experience when it happens on a roof.
But this does not mean that the roof is not still in danger of falling in on his presidency.
Solar roof tiles can blend in with standard asphalt shingles.
Roof maintenance, repair, and shading issues may also be mitigated due to the small size of the micro-cells.
And one doesn't have to put it on a roof but can be put in the yard.
She told me of a house which had its roof blown off and a signed check lying on a table below wasn't even blown off the table.
He also altered the flat ceilings by adding a gentle pitch to the roof over the original beams.
In some troughs, cotoneasters spill over the edges to the gravel-covered roof.
Windows were smashed, fires lit, fire extinguishers flung from the roof and police pelted with sticks.
Roof size, strength and orientation are primary, practical considerations of a solar energy installation.
At the top level is the chateau roof which obscures the rooms below and thus hides the cheese.
It is senseless to embark on promising new initiatives with a leaky roof.
Such dithering is to confidence what termites are to wooden roof beams.
We plan on roof, siding and roof replacement and added insulation later, then solar panels.
It has its drawbacks, mostly that housing prices are through the roof.
Most office and apartment towers put the cooling units on the roof.
Minimize impervious surfaces and use rain barrels to catch water running off the roof.
That's not to imply that water reservoirs on what's often called the roof of the world aren't under stress.
The tops of tall liquidambars lopped off to make way for an expanded roof line.
Plus, all the faux terra cotta roof tiles are also made from cut fondant.
Either you will write the check, or the buyer will want to discount the price by some part of the replacement roof.
Clear out any extra weight and avoid using roof racks unless it's necessary.
The couple wanted to take advantage of some roof space for the loft bedroom.
One is preprofessional: preparing for a career that will put food on the table and a roof overhead.
There's a hole in the roof and a bushel of ginger drying under an awning.
Or you can build a post-and-beam wooden frame that supports the roof and fill in the walls with straw bales.
To ready the missile for firing, the bay's roof was retracted and the missile lifted into a vertical position.
Here, stabilizers from the plane's tail section forms a roof over the master suite.
It's really kind of cool to have solar panels on your roof.
People are on the roof of the cab, and straddling the rail of the bed, and pressed into the bed itself.
He does it by moving containerized tropicals under a corrugated plastic roof.
The campus got a donor to renovate a locale where the whole dept could be housed under one roof.
They have a bed and can come back at night to a roof over their heads, which is normal for them.
It's not enough to have a roof over your head and a job.
Four hospitals in the city were seriously damaged by the storm, and the roof was torn off a nursing home, she said.
It is raised off the ground with a steep roof and long verandas.
Walk past an odd, triangular house that is all roof.
Recently, the roof had a large-scale leak that damaged my apartment.
And the loans come before your roof, your food, and your heat.
Clearly, the proportion of economic activities that are carried out under the for-profit roof has gone up.
The roof trusses are composed of splayed, interlocking boards.
Living under the same roof would not be an option without causing major resentments on all sides.
There is also a disproportionately large inflatable snowman on the roof.
Original plans included a green roof, but it and a cafe had to be cut to keep costs down.
The chimney of the cabin stove rises a few feet above the roof.
Its chief merit is that it gathers three hundred real homes, not simply three hundred families, under one roof.
The inferior surface is concave, and forms on either side of the middle line the roof of the lateral ventricle.
It is attached to the roof of the third ventricle near its junction with the mid-brain.
It is unforgivable to be rude to any one under your own roof or under the roof of a friend.
In the dead unhappy night, and when the rain is on the roof.
So it is too with the calmer affections that have grown within the shelter of a roof.
Windows were smashed, fires lit, fire extinguishers flung from the roof and the outnumbered police pelted with sticks.
Several hundred more people watch the service on television in an annex under a corrugated iron roof.
These include improving tax collection by unifying the different agencies under a single roof.
There is an opening on the roof, and it slips inside.
Natural light hits the cement floors through opaque skylights in an insulated tin roof.
Driving off after leaving a drink on your car's roof is a messy bummer.
Apart from your roof, probably the biggest off-ground surface outside your house is the garden table.
Tin-roof sundaes, cinnamon cokes in paper fountain cups, lime phosphates.
We follow a knot of workmen up the hill to rectangular pits shaded by a corrugated steel roof-the main excavation site.
Working without piano or any other accompaniment, the singers took the roof off the church.
They are the lucky ones, the fortunate few who still have a roof over their heads.
Likewise, it may not be a winning scheme to entirely dodge a nation because prices there are through the roof.
They took turns standing on the cabin roof and directing moonlight through a tube and into the spectrometer.
In your book, you mention a time when you used the skin of an apple to create a red roof.
The ecological benefits of gardening on your roof.
When you paint a roof white, there's more happening than meets the eye.
We share a long, flat town-house roof and a single facade with eight neighbors.
Swinging his truck door open, the driver obligingly steps onto the cab seat and reaches for the roof.
Throw a living roof on it and you've got an even better solution.
They can put their solar panels on the roof of their houses and on the sides of their streets and highways.
All they have to do is leave the solar panel on their roof through the day, and they have light at night.
Insulation reduces the exchange of heat through a surface such as a wall, attic, duct or roof.
If your roof is dark-colored, consider having it painted white to minimize heat absorption.
The plants are to be rotated seasonally, and to be fed by rainwater collected from the roof.
Such systems generally consist of a roof-mounted solar collector and a storage tank.
Sniffing depends on highly coordinated motions of the back of the roof of the mouth, aka the soft palate.
To the rear, a lower-floor bedroom addition created the platform for the roof deck.
The condo owners consulted with a structural engineer before placing the troughs on the roof.
The cottage's angled metal roof is available with an integrated solar laminate to power the unit.
The house has sloped roofs and no down spouts, and a big, wide driveway ready to funnel all that roof runoff right to the street.
It is generally recommended to add a little roof on top of the finished box to keep the nests dry.
The researchers had covered it with a new roof, the only structure they had chosen to protect from the rain.
To eat the garlic, crush a clove lightly against the roof of your mouth.
Before dinner grab a drink at the bar under a traditional clay-tiled roof.
As dawn broke, he noticed a faint light shining through a hole in the roof.
It took forever for that waxy feeling on the roof of my mouth to go away.
It was astonishing she should be without a roof over her head.
Wooden shards and slate roof tiles are falling down from above.
There are indeed things more important than all this fiddle, especially when the roof is burning.
Even the smell sticks my tongue to the roof of my mouth.
The rebuilding amounted to an ungainly corrugated-iron roof over unpainted walls in the middle of a slushy field.
At that point, the roof of the farmhouse had probably caved in.
One side of it is tilted up at a crazy angle, the wood near its foundation splintered and torn, the roof sagging at the middle.
Embers will roll down the roof and into the gutters where debris will ignite.
Six flames encircle the roof, each capable of throwing frighteningly loud, hot fireball bursts.
The roof top solar programs are small and only offered by individual utilities, not nationally.
And what electricity your car does use can be supplied by solar panels on your roof rather than the utility company.
My father and brothers watched the ash plumes from the roof of our garage.
But nearby, inside a shelter of waist-high walls and a corrugated tin roof, the mood is almost festive.
When the larva hatches, it performs some renovations, cutting a hole in the roof and enlarge the structure with their own poo.
They confirm through high-tech satellite surveillance that it's not hidden on the roof.
The result was a buildup of hydrogen under the metal clad roof of the penthouse above the reactor's concrete containment box.
One of the videos briefly showed a tin roof with an obvious dent and a large fragment as well as many smaller pieces.
These are the kind of things you can put on your roof.
Miraculously, he survived the tsunami by clinging to the roof of his house as his town was swept away in a flash.
Around its roof hung a gutter as wide as a human thigh.
The garden gnome that squatted between chaises on the roof deck was also her addition.
On the far end of the pit was another gallery space, a curvilinear concrete structure with a concave roof.
The ceramic screens rise higher than the roof by about ninety feet, forming a light, ephemeral crown.
Hydrangeas, herbs, and citrus flourish under a solarium roof.
At night, the only sounds came from the bells of roaming cattle and the branches scratching the roof.
The cells were protected by a low metal roof but were open to the tropical air.
Littleneck clams come hidden under a thatched roof of shoestring fries-parsnip, not potato.
Writer describes the giant neon sign affixed to the roof of the plant.
It was on its way to the airport, the roof stacked high with shrink-wrapped suitcases.
Five trailers painted pink, linked by a corrugated metal roof, are surrounded by a six-foot fence topped with barbed wire.
The bus in bundles on the roof, no patient peasants waiting outside or stewing inside.
Two boys on a high wall toss rocks onto the train roof.
Various articles of their wardrobe were peeked around the sides and corners, or under the roof.
From the roof, you can see parrots and parakeets swooping through the mist and the trees.
Finally the sheet lightning rocking the harbour in long slow breaths while salvos of thunder cracked over the dancing roof-tops.
Parking lots are patrolled by security vehicles that proclaim their presence with roof-mounted flashing lights.
Beyond this was yet another truck farm, maybe twelve acres punctuated by a tin-roof shack.
The kitchen had a canvas roof, and the house had plank sides and flooring.
From the center of the roof, which was partly open to the sky, hung a ceremonial blue scarf.
Its centerpiece is a futuristic, crescent-shaped steel roof that floats above the stadium seats.
It is a roof, and it welcomes us in hours when the cathedral oppresses or appalls.
The roof of the other bore supplies, including two large jerry cans containing water and diesel fuel.
Such systems could be more attractive than conventional solar panels and be incorporated more easily into irregular roof designs.
How to get photovoltaics on your company's roof without putting them on the books.
Flat panels laid flat on the roof would collect more energy.
Today was finally the day that our solar panels were installed on our roof.
We are even planning to refinance the house and take the equity to install solar panels on the roof.
The fat clings to the roof of my mouth with the oleaginous insistence of dentist's wax.
The finished product was so alluring that he decided to move into the penthouse and to add a pavilion on the roof.
The pool is invisible now, and the whole area covered by a transparent tented roof.
We don't know that they wouldn't go all the way and bring the roof down with them.
We sit in the family room, beneath a pitched roof and rafters.
At one time, for a short period, two solar panels had been mounted on the roof.
It sent the show's jeopardy index through the roof, signaling that no one was safe.
The windows are vertically barred, and the prisoners take their exercise on the roof.
Every house had its roof blown off, its windows shot out, or its walls caved in.
Water gets up under the shingles and leaks into the rooms under the roof.
From there it is either taken up by plants, evaporates to the air, or slowly drains off the roof.
They collected rainwater in tanks on the roof, which they filtered for drinking.
It's the carbohydrate that packs on the pounds and sends your cholesterol through the roof.

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