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Example sentences for romp

IT is not a carefree, happy-go-lucky, all-expenses-paid luxurious romp.
It's a fun romp through time, and a visual feast for the eyes.
It is a romp through the nearby future of advanced technology, a world where magic is made real.
Sixteen people romp in intergalactic real-time dogfights.
Others wait their turn to romp and roll on this favored spot.
Feathered commotion blocks the view, and it's unclear whether the romp is successful.
It's a science-fiction romp with a lot of unexpected twists and turns.
Scientist and subject romp outside the author's tent.
Then they get some free leash time to read their pee-mail and romp.
He loves to chase squirrels and to romp in the woods and water in a nearby creek.
Once a month their canine social group comes by the house for a romp.
And they are worth a far sturdier vehicle than this makeshift romp.
They're in there pitching every minute, trying to give this pasted-together romp some juice and sparkle.
Essentially, it's a fun romp through the day of the modern day dad.
Whereas the designer might once have settled for a romp in the hay, this show was sophisticated, sensual and subtle.

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Mothers tend to encourage their sons to run away and romp.... Mothers of little boys often complain that "T... more
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