romance in a sentence

Example sentences for romance

The sight and smell of the sea inspire courage and adventure, fear and romance.
The story describes the empty despair of suburbia, the lack of meaningful existence, of romance and human dignity.
Her accomplishments led to a life of drama and romance on a grand scale.
Five ways to add romance to evenings in the garden.
Environmentalists may feel a twinge of fear at this burgeoning romance with motoring.
Nitric oxide may have a hand in firefly romance as well.
The glow of pillar candles adds warmth and romance to any setting, especially at this time of year.
Whether the new sweet talk blossoms into a lasting romance will depend a lot on whether the economy recovers.
It's that time of the year when romance is in the air and people everywhere are planning where and when to plant the perfect kiss.
She did a great job of killing any romance people might have once had about the place.
Maple has captured the tranquility and romance of the area.
Whipped cream and raspberries give it a romance you can get away with only once a year.
They were full of reminiscences of a whirlwind romance and grand plans for the future.
The flicker of a candle, flooding a room with romance.
Turtles and toffee tempt, but chocolate roses are the romance gift of choice here.
My impression is that container ships have killed any form of romance from a life at sea.
The more appropriate comparison is breaking up with somebody that you've had a romance with.
Add a touch of romance to your garden or patio with a wire basket, canning jars tea lights, and crystals.
However, not everybody is carried away with the romance of it all.
Much of the thrill of venturing to the far side of the world rests on the romance of difference.
Healthy poly couples don't break up their families when they discover their new chemical romance.
As a result, an air of heady romance surrounds those who lost.
As this cluster of gerberas shows, the technique results in colors and textures that exude an antique romance.
During tropical travel, these shorts come in a lot handier than a romance.
It is the focal point of nightlife and at the same time rich with both tradition and romance.
Cue an excellent mystery, some great action sequences with the zombies, and a seemingly star-crossed romance.
Griff seems to focus more on the romance than the action.
Part of my heart will always be attached to that semester and summer's romance.
The two older cubs seem to be overcoming the romance problem.
Poorer people have long shared the rural romance too.
Much of the romance and color of travel doesn't happen in broad daylight but instead after the sun goes down.
The agrarian romance of living naturally off a few gently raised farms animals is, for much of the world, an idyll of the past.
Tall candlesticks, set on the ground, add romance in the evening.
With humour and a sense of romance, she has written an intellectually bracing travelogue of literary adventures.
There are hints of espionage, and there is romance, of a sort.
Some prefer their artists to live lives of drama and romance, their suffering injecting authenticity into their work.
The right romance, marriage and a family of his own, might help.
By shooting at dusk, you can preserve that moment of romance.
The decade was fighting romance with romance, the romance of blood with the romance of tears.
He showed the romance of its past, the nobility of its ideal, the purity of its forms of prayer.
Little as he respected his author, he respected still less the time and place of his incomparable romance.
Always a good place for a geek to start with romance.
The show seamlessly merged riveting action, ecological awareness, much-needed comedy and even some well-executed romance.
Yep, we're talking with another overachieving romance author.
Indeed, its importance may be not as a work of romance buttressed by facts, but as a work of realism encased in romance.
She turned something as quotidian as office politics and career angling into a grand romance, complete with suffering.
Her academic interests were varied, from ancient civilizations and romance languages to neuroscience and cell biology.
Apparently the tears sent a message that romance was off the table.
Not even for its romance, although that is surely part of its charm.
But before you get too wrapped up in the romance of that idea, keep in mind that alternate theories abound.
Her parents disapproved of her infatuation, but the romance flourished in secret.
History and romance have both softened the breathtaking hardships of the gold camps.
Rather than romance, they could covet and treat themselves with sweets.
The drive to take chances usually extends into the field of romance.
Sometimes it seems that the aim of modernity is to flush the romance out of life.
Her career took off, helped also by the notoriety of her romance.
We looked at several examples of beauty-and-beast romance on film past the break.
Here was more than mere cake, here was romance unlimited, and the public adored it.
Romance and drama played by touch, by scent, by taste.
Excellent romance, but have a box of tissues handy.
Some people think that science takes away the romance of nature.
In every steely, cold, rational science maven's heart runs a red-hot stream of romance.
The heavens are crammed full to the brim with romance and poetry, names and allusions that are beautiful and worth remembering.
He writes without romance and without rancor, perhaps because he sees the priests he likes as largely powerless.
Romance is pointedly unreal, but fantasy is something altogether different.
But what gets me to the vomitorium is that faux romance between you and that cheesy ballroom-dancing partner of yours.
He is also trying to bring back the romance of wearing dreamy lipsticks again, and let me tell you, they are quite dreamy.
Romance may have to wait, but don't despair, it's not far off on the horizon.
Your thoughts are turning to romance, and beauty fills the scene.
Take one step at a time, with relationships, romance and even finances.
Online dating is now second only to direct introductions though friends as a means of lighting the candle of romance.
Real-life romance can never be as good as it looks on-screen.
There are two great things about reviewing a romance novel.
Breeding is easy, but survival requires romance too.
And the problem with the great modern-day restaurants is that they tend to lack romance.
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