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Example sentences for rolling pin

Knead the dough with your hands for a few minutes, then use a rolling pin to roll it out on a wax paper-covered surface.
On a table, roll the dough with a rolling pin until obtaining desired thickness.
Fold over the dough towards the center to cover, rolling smooth with a rolling pin to seal the top.
Use a rolling pin or a meat mallet to crush the cookies into small crumbs.
Beginning at one edge, press the rolling pin down onto the dough to flatten it, moving it across the dough in increments.
Make your own confectioner's sugar with a food grinder or a rolling pin.
Run a rolling pin over the pastry to press the sugar into the dough and help it adhere.
Carefully transfer round to an ungreased baking sheet by rolling pastry around rolling pin and then unrolling onto baking sheet.
Roll out brittle as thin as possible with a rolling pin.
Run rolling pin over top edge to cut off excess dough, then press side to make dough come up slightly above edge of pan.
Transfer to a clean cutting board and coarsely crush with a rolling pin.
Cover the claw and arm pieces with a thick cloth towel and whack a few times with a rolling pin or the side of a large knife.
Roll to thickness with one forward and one backward stroke of rolling pin.
Using a smooth meat mallet or wooden rolling pin, pound the meat to flatten slightly if necessary.
Flatten bread slices by rolling over them with a rolling pin.
For less sticking, use a stocking net to cover your rolling pin.
The capsules that have remaining seeds can be retrieved and crushed with a rolling pin and seeds picked from the litter.
Tires with a lot of weight all across an axle act as a rolling pin, pushing the asphalt as they go.
If dough is sticky, toss a little flour onto hands or the rolling pin.
Place cornflakes in plastic bag and crush by using a rolling pin.
Another useful tool for working with fondant is a series of rolling pin.
Place cereal in a zip-top bag and crush into small pieces with a rolling pin or the bottom of a jar.
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