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The drawback is the emotional rollercoaster he rides.
The drama of the day adds to what has already been something of an emotional rollercoaster.
Yet the rollercoaster life of the embattled singer proved more powerful than his musical gifts.
Tommy had this one crazy idea where he wanted to put his drums on a rollercoaster.
It's a psychological rollercoaster that keeps the energy flowing and adrenaline pumping.
But as a metaphor for the industry, the rollercoaster is all wrong.
Some of the audience struggled to make sense of the rollercoaster-ride of disconnected themes and motifs.
The paintings are exhilarating in the way that a rollercoaster is exhilarating, with fear playing a major part in the pleasure.
It's an emotional rollercoaster and things don't turn out quite the way you may have though they would.
Pitch problems and a wavering, breathy singing style made her performances something of a rollercoaster.
Critics and fans really beat up on the show during a rollercoaster of a third season.
Now along comes an academic paper suggesting they should step off the rollercoaster forever.
For my money, fans of this show know that they're in for a rollercoaster ride, and that no rule of television is safe.
The whole rollercoaster of emotions she's been through.

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