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It's a video display that can be furled, folded or rolled up into a ball, the inventor enthuses.
To relieve the tedium of the job, he made up songs and melodies as the cars rolled by.
My father made a rolled up pizza dough layered with tomato sauce.
My friend made a good suggestion: at the sound, light a rolled-up newspaper under the kitchen hood and smoke the bird away.
Wrapped in linen and rolled up in stiff mats made of sticks, they are little more than bones.
As he opened the shutter, glowing rocks and lava erupted with a roar from the blazing crater and rolled down the slopes.
Curse tablets were typically rolled up and nailed to posts inside temples or shrines.
E-paper is basically a computer monitor so thin it could be rolled up and put in a pocket.
The flag was then rolled onto the cylinder again and unrolled with the linen side up.
It could be rolled up and simply dropped to the ground from space-based orbit.
Even if a bold predator does stop to investigate a rolled-up hedgehog, it's usually unsuccessful at prying the hedgehog open.
We didn't stay for the whole party but slept under the stars, rolled up in light blankets on top of palm-thatch carpets.
Silk, light and easily rolled up, could travel overland.
We both let out our breath as the plane rolled toward the line of head-high bushes.
And recognize that she rolled, so she dumped whatever she had, and then she took off and glided.
We rolled ourselves in blankets, determined to rest in spite of the storm.
One pair came right up to the boat and rolled over on top of each other.
Then she blithely rolled the car right into the lake.
The price of hot-rolled coil steel used to make cars and domestic appliances has seen a similar decline.
Second, debt must be rolled over at regular intervals.
Get it right, though, and you have a withering form of criticism and an immortal entertainment rolled into one.
She can specify at what price she is willing to sell, which counties to search and whether her hay is square-baled or rolled.
Few want to bump up the amount of debt that needs to get rolled over while credit markets are still dislocated.
These loans will be rolled over once, according to reports.
But even in these straitened times, the city-state has rolled out this latest bauble with its usual flair.
It is a prisoner's dilemma, a free-rider problem and the tragedy of the commons all rolled into one.
In the muggy heat, he's rolled up the sleeves of his white dress shirt.
Stack the rolled pieces on a plate as you complete the process.
The long hull rolled unpleasantly in storms, and accidents at sea brought costly repairs and delays.
When manufactured, raw polystyrene is heated, rolled out into thin sheets and then rapidly cooled so that it can retain its shape.
When he traveled, the rolled up portrait was in the false bottom of his trunk.
But when his coachmen rolled out the royal carriages, the crowd cut the horses' harnesses, stranding him and his family.
It also reminds me of how bad my handwriting has become since the digital age rolled in.
Then he bent his head so that the pools of water rolled off his plastic-covered ranger hat.
By the time the census rolled around, the tabulating machine was finely tuned and ready to go.
He rolled into position and gave me the signal to turn on the flashlight.
He slipped in the grease and the gearbox got rolled right over his bare foot.
They used a flat piece of wood for a bat and a rolled-up wad of cloth for a ball.
What the lemurs want is the edible pith, which looks about as appetizing as rolled vinyl.
Clouds of hashish smoke rolled through the tent, and the drumming injected the space with a thick, engrossing energy.
In some districts a large round cake of oat or barley meal was rolled through the ashes.
One day when the fever had left me they rolled my bed into a room overlooking the sea.
As they bond over its preparation, dinner becomes entertainment and the meal rolled into one.
We rolled periwinkle blue latex paint on as our background color for the canvas mats at top.
They can also be rolled into action as serving tables or additional seating.
Our variation uses ground pork and a hefty dose of spices rolled into little meatballs.
These sinfully rich bars pack the benefits of whole-wheat flour, wheat germ, and rolled oats.
She set each pot on its side, steadying it with four rolled towels.
Thin and tender, the pancakes are rolled around a strawberry pink filling.
Cheeses that are rolled in herbs or spices are harder to match.
Try the old-fashioned buttermilk cake doughnuts, which are rolled and cut out by hand.
The leaves are gray-green on top and a felt-textured white underneath, and they're rolled up at the edges to expose lots of it.
Place it on top of your rolled-out cookie dough and cut around it with a sharp knife.
The undersides of the rolled leaves are white and fuzzy.
Meanwhile you have rolled yourself a cigarette, say, and inserted it with great care between your well-practiced lips.
We rolled small boulders down the incline of ferns until they cracked angrily against something at the base of the ravine.
As generations rolled by, the comparisons deepened and broadened.
The husband in the upper bunk rolled over against the wall.
By the time my senior prom rolled around, there was no holding me back.
He basically rolled his eyes at me and said it was highly unlikely.
Many elite colleges have rolled out new financial-aid policies that eliminate or cap loans for financially needy students.
And they rolled those scraps into small scrolls and slipped the scrolls into the crevices of the ghetto walls.
Finally, it was rolled up into a piece of plastic cut from a shopping bag.
And that meme has rolled downhill to the current generation because it makes good copy.
Benefits and salaries can be frozen or rolled back, too.
It was the last bit of a boned and rolled shoulder that was retrieved from the freezer.
We tried our best to mimic her nimble hands as she expertly kneaded and rolled the dough.
After that, these are rolled in a paprika-seasoned flour-and-cornmeal coating and deep-fried.
Each butter egg was rolled in flour, in beaten egg, and in fine while bread crumbs.
The patient, flanked by two perspiring paramedics, rolled in.
The thin leathery material can then be folded or rolled up for storage or further decontamination.
Then it pulled its tail up again and rolled on, slowly making its way back into the ocean.
In the high-res image you can see boulders perched on the pit wall, having rolled part of the way down as well.
However, sometime after midnight, clouds rolled in and suddenly everything was awash with light.
They were loaded down with bags and one carried a rolled-up carpet.
Sales weren't helped, either, by the fact that it rolled out of the plant at the beginning of a recession.
It is then rolled to form a porous cylinder with many tiny channels suited for healthy nerve-cell growth.
They can be rolled and bent, but they can't conform to the shape of a hand, for instance.
We know from many other topologies that have rolled out that you need to build communities before you have any software success.
Some of us originally came from places where heads would have rolled during a similar crisis.
It was as if all the world's wit were rolled into one portly fellow.
High waves first retreated, and then rolled upon both sides of the strait.
Wrap the baked breads together in a large kitchen towel to keep them warm and soft while you bake the remaining rolled out breads.
We add dark chocolate on top and also rolled into the middle as well.
She shut her eyes and rolled up in a rigid ball, with her cheek cradled in one palm.
Its paws were outstretched, and its eyes looked crossed or rolled back in its head.
At first he thought it was someone at the door, but when the sound rolled down on the parish again, he knew it was thunder.
As each car rolled in at the end of a circuit, a small clash of cultures could be observed.
She was wearing a baseball cap and a white lab coat over jeans with rolled-up cuffs.
Folding chairs are lifted from a cart by dads with rolled-up sleeves and are added to the back rows.
Where integration has gone further than is necessary or wanted by voters, it should be rolled back.
It rolled under that monstrous iron stove, which was getting fired up for baking.
She rolled herself on and locked her wheels in place.
For centuries the lovelorn have carved messages in tree trunks and rolled letters into bottles and cast them out to sea.
Those days did have one advantage, though: the screen was light, paper-thin and could be rolled into a portable tube.
When the mouse was moved, the vertical wheel rolled along the surface while the horizontal wheel slid sideways.
Luckily, the topic is so fascinating, you will keep turning the pages no matter how many times you've rolled your eyes.
The scientists mixed the contents using an old-fashioned mortar and pestle and rolled the pills to size.
Cheap steel was key to allowing the routine design of parts that rolled against one another.
Now imagine spending a week in the car with the windows rolled up.
Perhaps the wheel can be rolled out of existence as well.
Slices of humor rolled around a core of truth are always palatable.
He wore a tie but had removed his jacket and rolled up his shirtsleeves.
His water had dried up, and he rolled around in the stone bed of his trough, making that long sad sound that tigers make.
She had held the words back and rolled them around on her tongue again and again before she let them out of her mouth.
When our ball rolled onto her property, she seized it and waddled into her back yard and pitched it into the quarry.
He is sixty years old, bald and pudgy, and was wearing a purple open-necked shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
Then he darkened the room and rolled a film showing cars hitting cars in on-ramps.
By the time dinner rolled around, no one sat together at the table.
We rolled down the runway with the rear ramp lowered.
The airplane rolled left, and the autopilot disengaged with a robotic warning and three chimes.
But below, huge swells rolled by, unbroken by reef or rock.
There was a bookcase and a worktable with piles of manuals, scraps from notebooks, and rolled-up fragments of yellow paper tape.
The rolled eyeballs and gasps and groans-he took them all as compliments.
But as the years rolled by, the invitations slowed down.
His shirtsleeves were rolled up, and he was on the phone.

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