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Example sentences for roll out

As you roll out the dough, you should see veins of butter running through it.
Toss on a floured board, pat, and roll out to one-half inch in thickness.
Drawing the roll out produces long threads a few hundred microns thick that can be as reflective as gold.
Once you've gathered your ingredients all you need to do is roll out your dough, using the ring of the mason jar cut out tops.
Refrigerate the scraps from each piece as you work, then knead them together and roll out another tart shell.
It will roll out to everyone over the next two weeks.
Manufacturers are continuing to roll out hydraulic hybrid garbage trucks.
Entirely software-based solutions would be cheapest to roll out, he notes.
He could see the preceding rig roll out to forty feet and then it began to brake at the same rate as his rig.
With technical barriers overcome, the companies can now roll out systems as their business needs dictate.
They pour concrete, roll out concertina wire, build infrastructure.
Roll out brittle as thin as possible with a rolling pin.
Because there are fewer family travelers in the fall, cruise lines roll out deals that encourage bringing along the kids.
Ads that roll out this week highlight consumer and small-business offerings, as well as stress-reducing customer service.
Typically, the the league doesn't roll out until preseason games are under way.
The next step is to roll out an online service so that clients can log on to manage their accounts.
New card products that once were mired in endless committees now roll out with a manufacturer's efficiency.
The fifth strategy is to have a new or better business model to roll out to many different markets.
Gillette's strengths are technology and the ability to roll out new products within a few weeks.
Another triumph is the slick product-development process that can roll out new models in barely two years.
Nissan to roll out electric vehicle ahead of schedule in.
But each year a handful of veteran artists uses the annual showcase as an opportunity to roll out new projects.
Roll out the promotional campaign to a receptive audience.
Roll out the dough between pieces of plastic wrap or wax paper to make transferring it to the pie pan simple.

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