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Roll artichokes in oil to coat, and turn cut sides down.
They tried to spread their message through rock and roll.
He played a part in the emerging rock and roll scene and later founded a music publishing company.
Roll a scant teaspoon of dough into a ball and drop into sugar, turning to coat.
Domestic savers remain willing to roll them over, which enables the government to fund its deficits.
Slide the plastic triangle into the paper towel roll.
Actually, you do not have to remove the seedling from the bathroom tissue roll.
Watching your odometer roll over into six figures is a momentous occasion, especially if you drive an electric vehicle.
Short-term borrowing has a good side: the threat of lenders refusing to roll over can be a source of discipline.
But the ballistic roll is a bit uncontrolled, so it is not useful for everyday locomotion.
Note that it's not necessary to roll the new lawn's surface with a water-filled roller.
It's a huge ball you get strapped inside, and then you roll down the dunes.
Why not roll nutrition and cooking elements into the already-mandated health curriculum.
As you roll out the dough, you should see veins of butter running through it.
The fifth strategy is to have a new or better business model to roll out to many different markets.
Roll one corner of a piece of paper toward the opposite corner.
Some new green car tires offered by major manufacturers roll easier and contain less crude oil.
Pebbles are too smooth and round to make a suitable paving if left free to roll around.
We remove our shoes, roll up our trousers and nervously wade knee-deep in the toxic stream.
With your hands, roll each scoop of chocolate mixture into a ball, then roll in cocoa to coat.
Water droplets form, however, on tiny hydrophilic areas at the peaks of the bumps and roll down to the beetle's mouth.
Fold the sides of the leaves over the fish, then roll to enclose.
The sun sparkles on the water and small waves roll politely toward us.
For some time now, my college has allowed us to roll an unsuccessful search over to the following year.
As well as financing a current-account shortfall, a country has to repay or roll over existing debts.
My advice is to roll with the punches and weigh carefully your options.
And then sit back and relax while the royalties roll in.
Drawing the roll out produces long threads a few hundred microns thick that can be as reflective as gold.
Kids always seem to win if there is a tie over a roll.
Each roll of the die, each pull of the lever gives a result that is totally unrelated to the events that came before it.
Roll edge of cookie in crushed and sifted candy canes.
Roll it up, stick it in a cardboard tube, and don't let them take it away.
Use it to help roll big rocks along, or to lever them into position.
If your canvas starts to warp or wrinkle, roll it firmly around a gift-wrap tube and leave it for several hours.
Quinoa can endure a light frost, but the plants are usually much larger by the time the frosts roll in.
The study was an attempt to understand the roll of telomerase in aging.
Or roll the scapes in olive oil, then throw them onto the barbecue grill briefly.
He notes that researchers reused the same roll of tape many times without any change in x-ray quality.
The reception is still a building site, but the cameras and journalists inside look ready to roll.
Roll up a swirl of cinnamon-sugar into the dough, then top the warm rolls with cinnamon butter.
Nearby, surfers ride waves that roll onto a broad, sandy beach sectioned off by volleyball courts.
Imagine an extravagant cinnamon roll twisted into a ring, and you've got the idea here.
Age plays a roll in the number of time a year an orchid might bloom.
You'll need to roll your own malware to override the manufacturer's firmware.
If you roll triples, you must perform that action three times.
But they will be manufactured using a roll-to-roll process, similar to the way ink is printed on paper.
Most hungry hunters don't know how to eat an armadillo roll-up.
There is no need here to call the roll of other scandals.
The strict scientist denies any roll of mysticism in modern life, yet it flourishes.
The first roll-out is to hold screenings at universities.
Curiosity is designed to roll over obstacles twice that tall.
Using blank parchment he cut from an old rent roll, he used ink diluted with bookbinders' chemicals to write a new deed.
Come morning, watching the sun rise over the whittled canyon was as mesmerizing as watching waves roll in.
And their grilled cheese consists of squeaky cheese and spices melted in a hoagie-roll panini, with gravy on the side.
Digs snout holes in bed or in snow and loves to roll and root on his back before crashing.
But elephants could probably be good roll models on how to live together in harmony.
Place pan on back of range, cut squares apart with a sharp knife, and roll while warm in tubular or cornucopia shape.
Put some of mixture on an inverted dripping-pan and roll as thinly as possible to cover pan.
Toss on a floured board, pat, and roll to three fourths inch in thickness.
Roll puff paste to one-eighth inch thickness, and cut in rounds.
Shape cold mashed potato in small cakes, and roll in flour.
Roll puff paste one-eighth inch thick and shape, using circular cutters of different sizes.
Toss on a floured board, pat, and roll out to one-half inch in thickness.
Roll to one-third inch in thickness, shape with a fluted round cutter five inches in diameter.
Add remaining ingredients, toss on a board sprinkled with powdered sugar, and roll to one-third inch in thickness.
Roll pastry one-eighth inch thick, and cut pieces three and one-half inches long by three inches wide.
Roll in flour, and shake in a sieve to remove superfluous flour.
Chill, toss one-half mixture on a floured board, and roll one-eighth inch thick.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper, roll in flour, and brown in hot fat.
Ann was evidently quick to roll her eyes at the conventions of the society around her.
She would roll up her sleeves and dispense with sentimentality, and do whatever blood-soaked, bad-smelling thing had to be done.
Four times a day there were roll-calls, which lasted from half an hour to an hour each.
They might also pave the way for flexible thin-film solar cells and bright, roll-up color displays.
Roll over the headlines at the top of the graphic for more about specific applications.
The long-term goal is to fabricate the device using conventional low-cost roll-to-roll printing.
Youngblood and his colleagues are currently developing less-expensive spray- or roll-on techniques for making the coating.
Manufacturers are continuing to roll out hydraulic hybrid garbage trucks.
Aircraft use flaps in conjunction with ailerons during flight as a way to dramatically increase roll rate.
For example, roll-over interactions are common on many websites, but these don't work on touch devices.
Entirely software-based solutions would be cheapest to roll out, he notes.
He could see the preceding rig roll out to forty feet and then it began to brake at the same rate as his rig.
But that is precisely why inheritance plays such a vital roll.
The higher-magnification model--the larger of the two--is roughly the size and shape of a roll of quarters.
Some companies could find themselves scrambling to roll with the new order.
Each index entry gives an enrollee's name and final roll number.
There is a space for a fill or a roll at the end of a musical phrase, but the beat has primacy over the curlicues.
It is five o'clock before the main character finally leaves his job and heads home, prompting the credits to roll.
Seal all edges and roll pastry so that seam is underneath.
Twenty minutes later monks, alone or in pairs, stumble out of their dorm rooms and roll down the cobblestones to their church.
They pour concrete, roll out concertina wire, build infrastructure.
But it was after the tape that the money really began to roll in.
To his left there's a pink foam ball his physical therapist has told him to roll beneath his feet as he trades.
Put the roll into a vacuum bag and seal in a vacuum chamber set to high.
Reshape the bag into a roll and drop in an immersion circulator.
It's no secret that a roll in the hay, and all that leads up to it, feels good.
Nissan to roll out electric vehicle ahead of schedule in.
With a lesser cast, all the film's unrealistic moments would amount to a frustrating, eye-roll-inspiring viewing experience.
These changes aren't ones that people have requested, they're not roll-outs of missing features.
Lightly oil the finished roll and place on the baking sheet, seam-side down.
It makes the pasta a little rougher, which helps when you roll it out by hand.
Place the remaining filling, the chopped nuts and cinnamon, on a plate and roll each cookie in it to coat on all sides.
Once you've gathered your ingredients all you need to do is roll out your dough, using the ring of the mason jar cut out tops.
Or, if using a tart pan, simply roll the rolling pin over the top to trim the excess.
Sprinkle with grated cheese and roll up into a tight, compact roll.
Roll up wrapper, then transfer to baking sheet and cover with plastic wrap.
Transfer summer roll, seam side down, to a plate and cover with dampened paper towels.
Fold the squares tightly into triangles and roll them into crescents, starting at the wide end.
Tightly roll up layers away from you into a short thick cigar.
Stretch bottom edge of dough up over filling and press tightly to seal, then roll up as tightly as possible to form a rope.
At lunch, business types roll up for tacos of seared beef with feisty tomato salsa.
Sprinkle each piece with salt and pepper, dip it in milk, and roll it in flour.
Starting at log end, roll up pastry to resemble a cigar.
Put lettuce on bottom half of each roll, then top with eggplant slices, overlapping slightly.
While landing, its wide, flat bottom will make it less vulnerable to the crosswinds that can roll a conventional airship.
Those in science would tend to have a roll model somewhere in their scholastic experience that mentored them.
Some of the great mysteries of science hide in plain sight-and, in this case, roll on two wheels.
Similar tubular shaped clouds called roll clouds appear in various places around the globe.
The surface tension of water is enough to hold the droplets together, forming beads that roll off instead of absorbing.
All any living being can do is roll with the punches.

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