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Example sentences for role model

Devoted heroine that will never be forgotten for decades,role model to many, your work was great and you are irreplaceable.
She was a pillar of strength and a role model for me as well as many others.
But let me be clear: having access to such a role model would have certainly smoothed the way.
In the years since, he has become a role model for the legal profession.
You're supposed to be a role model and a celebrity, you don't make fun of your fans.
He may not be much of a role model, but there is no doubt that his physics has had a profound impact on the world today.
My husband is my role model for fitness and good nutrition.
He was a role model, as many contributors to the tribute book noted.
They no longer look upon their priest, if indeed the current shortage allows them one, as a role model and spiritual leader.
What an inspiring role model for the rest of the world.
Being a role model for other countries isn't always enough.
It is at such times of familial stress that the role model provided by the father is of the utmost importance.
Now a role model for determination and persistence, tragedy affected his life before birth when his father died in an accident.
As their role model and coach, they will watch what you do and look to you for your guidance and expertise.
Be a role model by making healthy choices for myself.

Famous quotes containing the word role model

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