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Example sentences for rodent

Although smaller than the rodent, the ferret has a clever way of suffocating the dogs down their holes.
These alterations in rodent behavior are thought, significantly, to mirror autism in humans.
But always that jerky twitching, always that smacking of rodent lips.
He is tall and skinny, and has a long, thin face that gives him the aspect of a friendly rodent.
Researchers use a running rodent to test their device.
Researchers often use diets containing a large proportion of energy from fat as a way to induce obesity in rodent models.
In rodent tests, scientists capped two nerves in a single animal--one motor and one sensory.
As with any rodent study, it remains to be seen whether the same thing happens in people.
Meerkats are good hunters and are sometimes tamed for use as rodent-catchers.
The team set a trap baited with fresh penguin meat in an area where trained dogs had detected concentrated rodent scent.
Suddenly sharp teeth grab the rat and something quickly wraps the rodent with its long, strong, muscular body.
Hear the story of the large, water-loving rodent that now lives around the world because of demand for its lush fur.
Credit for that feat goes, in large part, to an anthropomorphic rodent wielding an unruly wand.
Then if a product or a compound is determined to be safe in a rodent, another species is used.
They are carried by rodents, and each species of virus usually inhabits one species of rodent, without harming it.
Whether rodent or human, adolescence makes us add more value not only to sweet drinks but to all sorts of rewards.
She raises the cage and watches the rodent poke its snout through the bars.
Many other rodent experiments produced results in a similar vein.
Feds remove food from rodent-infested warehouse in.
If you fear that you might have a rodent problem, contact your building management immediately.
Imagine a rodent so big it weighs a ton and is the size of a bull.
Regulatory authorities usually require that drugs are tested for toxicity in both a rodent and a non-rodent species.
Their study was conducted in the prairie vole, a small rodent that mates for life.
The mammal is said to be the size of a rat, though not itself a rodent.
Scientists have shown that fuel cells implanted in rats can successfully generate electricity from sugar in the rodent's bodies.
With more rainfall, vegetation increases, which then fuels rodent populations.
Well, in a type of rodent called a vole, one thing that controls mate bonding is a brain chemical called vasopressin.
It is available in pill form for sterilization of livestock, pets and rodent pests.
It turns out that rats that groom their pups more also do better at rodent tests of executive function than those who groom less.
But no, there are no endemic native rodent species there.
People can get the plague when they are bitten by a flea that carries the plague bacteria from an infected rodent.
Rodent-proof measures should be applied to prevent rodent entry.
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