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Example sentences for rode

The two rode through the streets in an open-top vehicle.
She rode her bicycle to the census site and spent as much of her weekends as possible mapping the birds' locations by their calls.
People rode horses, but they also drove pick-up trucks.
Duke rode on trains and in cars while blasting enemies.
At some point in the trip, he got on a bus-he had money-and he rode it home.
The instrument, about the size of a coffee table, rode on a satellite deployed by the space shuttle.
We soaked in a hot tub, enjoyed a picnic, and rode back to our camp.
Freeing a beached vessel usually involved the laborious unloading of cargo until the boat rode high enough to clear the snag.
He kept fit and rode and went skin diving into old age.
The change in my driving behavior was obvious to anyone who rode with me.
He rode bikes, he said, because life was boring otherwise.
We rode through the storm of metal, hearts pounding in our chests.
Families were cramped in the boxes in anticipation of when the vaqueros, the cowboys, rode into the ring in a show of bravado.
He feasted on fresh coconuts and clams for breakfast, harvested pearls, and even rode dolphins.
The wood frame rode on wood wheels wrapped with iron bands.
He rode through life with a flourish of zest known to everybody, knowing everybody.
To acclimate to the big chill ahead, they rode exercise bikes in a friend's walk-in freezer.
He had no political party, he led the strikes against communism, and he rode that wave to the presidency.
He jumped on his horse and rode in all directions at once.
Not to mention that any organism that might manage to have rode along would be environmentally challenged, to put it mildly.
Discovered when a station hand accidentally rode into it, so the story goes.
Our grandparents rode the rails, but actually talked to their fellow commuters or read the paper which can be enjoyable too.
The orcas rapidly closed the gap to the dolphins and rode alongside our vessel, sometimes leaping next to us or bow-riding.
The party rode to power vowing to neuter the power of the bureaucracy.
She then rode the tea party and general right wing angst into a second term.
They paid dues, rode their horses in parades, and directed traffic at the rodeo where my sister first laid eyes on her cowboy.
Its infrastructure was decaying, particularly the subway, and no one who had alternatives rode the subways after rush hour.
It got hot at the right time, made the playoffs on the final week of the season and rode a wave of momentum into the postseason.
Speeding cars lost control and rode on to the footpath leaving him lying in a pile of torn tissue and mangled bones.
Students were asked how often they rode in cars while someone was smoking within the past week.

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