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Example sentences for rocky

Much of the south comprises rocky plateaus carved by glaciers.
As our canoes float into the rocky shoal, the lilies seem to engulf us, the giant pale flowers reaching to our chins.
There was loveliness to rust, cracks in the road, and a texture to the rocky sidewalks.
And in any case, stellar wobbles give no clue as to whether a planet is barren and rocky or bursting with alien beasties.
They built their villages on the rocky slopes below.
Holt's four companions climbed a rocky cliff and searched the water for traces of him.
Beyond the river, the ground rises with rocky promontories protruding from the otherwise gentle tree-covered slope.
Rocky planets are forming-and occasionally colliding-around a nearby star, scientists say.
Some experts thought they represented rocky debris made slippery by tiny bits of ice mixed with dirt.
Agaves are adapted to rocky, native soils and won't need amendments.
It comes from clouds that may be formed by sudden belches of methane gas from the moon's rocky surface.
But the discovery of the right chemistry boosts chances that life will exist on smaller rocky worlds around the stars.
It has a rocky bottom and usually freezes solid in the winter.
In an artist's conception, rocky moons orbit a gas giant in a distant planetary system.
Boxes and bags have a much harder time staying atop their mounts, especially over rocky trails.
Lacking solid legitimacy, she may now face a rocky second term unless she manages to mend fences with her opponents.
They cannot, for example, cross rocky terrain or ravines.
Yet the country's rocky economy and mucky politics are alarming.
But now, after a rocky year, there are worries that some of the optimism may have been overblown.
It is perched on a little flat point, shut off from the rest of the mainland by a huge rocky cliff.
She spent whole days in the saddle, or was driven over those bleak and rocky heights in a baggage cart.
Two commandos move left, away from the forest cover into a rocky outcropping.
Over the rocky levels of the mountain was a streak of rust-colored air.
Rocky, the desert turtle who has lived here for forty years, was thumping around on the kitchen floor.
They all dropped their buckets, some scurrying up the ravine, others down the rocky creek bed.
Effectively blind without a mask, he raced toward a rocky bottom.
Indeed, his campaign got off to a rocky start this year when his advisers starting feuding over vision and strategy.
We don't know if it's a rocky world, a gaseous one, or what.
They are probably fragments of rocky asteroids that crashed into each other.
But these elements are scarce in our sun, which hosts distant giants and small, rocky inner planets.
For reasons still mysterious, the nebula coalesced, becoming rocky and lumpy.
Deep under the ocean's surface, these rocky chimneys spew out superheated water and hydrogen-rich gases.
The glistening veil was actually a sheet of water rising from the rocky floor.
The river was shallow and rocky, and our guides had a tough time navigating in the starless, moonless night.
Such an arrangement usually makes for a rocky crusade.
But poor management, a misreading of the online market and a rocky economy plagued the bookseller.
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