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From your campsite, spot steep-walled canyons and crimson-colored rocks.
Some say this means that higher education is on the rocks.
The water authority pays homeowners to replace water-gulping lawns with rocks and drought-tolerant plants.
The captain warned that there might be rocks in those uncharted waters.
It's a voice from a place where kids throw rocks at tanks, where people pull down walls with their bare hands.
Survivors are calling out and ambulances are rushing around and people are digging in rocks-there is a lot of activity.
In the sun its rocks become charcoal-colored briquettes in a hibachi.
The rocks in various countries are covered with inscriptions and sculptures recording his sayings and doings.
The show is back after a hiatus, and the characters' marriage is on the rocks.
But this banishment to the rocks and echoes no metaphysics can make right or tolerable.
They retreat when rocks are thrown, but their presence comforts me anyway, because of the chance they might alert us to intruders.
The native canoe is so long and heavy that it is difficult to navigate without some bumps on the rocks.
The city still rocks, and its rockers still ache, but more gently now.
They also threw rocks and fireworks at the police, who responded with pepper spray.
There are metal ores in the rocks nearby and ice in the shadows of the crater below.
The aromas of wave-washed rocks and burning cinnamon sticks may be coming soon to a meal near you.
To get a sense of its handicap, the robot rocks back and forth, activating two tilt sensors.
First, they can easily form in the gaps between sliding rocks or between pebbles tossed back and forth by waves and tides.
We may be seeing the long term effects of faulting on the rocks which formed above the structure.
Taping into crust will cool some of the rocks surrounding it which might pose a problem in its self.
Rioters smashed shop windows, flipped over cars, and threw rocks at riot police.
Then he would follow the configurations thus achieved, to make mountains or rocks, or clouds or water.
There are a number of other pieces of evidence of life collected from extremely old rocks, but these have been vigorously debated.
Critters big and small trample, crush, and plow rocks as they scurry across the surface and burrow underground.
The hydrothermal model, on the other hand, says the hot spring fluids deposited the gold inside the rocks.
Large crystals found in geodes and other rocks are relatively rare.
Millions of tons of debris and rocks were ejected into the atmosphere.
The weight of all of that ice forced the mantle rocks to ooze slowly sideways.
The animal is known for its ability to clamp itself to rocks under its large, flat, ear-shaped shell.
Ice and avalanches of snow were regularly joining the rocks on their one-way trips toward new angles of repose.
Other types can be planted on the seafloor or hidden among rocks to cripple submarines.
The rocks here are made up of sediments laid down in an ancient sea.
To inch along over coral and rocks, they use a flat muscle on their underside, called a sticky foot.
The whole troop slept outside, using only rocks for shelter, as temperatures dropped well below freezing.
They fascinate us, as do the many rocks that are floating through space along with our own, and the rocks that orbit those rocks.
If both groups of rocks had been carried by icebergs, the icebergs must have been remarkably similar.
Ancient philosophers and scholars had already noted and speculated about the layers found in outcrops of rocks.
They looked at those fault rocks with an electron microscope.
Geothermal heat leeches mineral solutions from encasing rocks.
We lost several hundred pounds of moon rocks that were being studied for deep dark secrets.
These precious rocks occasionally contain impurities trapped inside during formation billions of years ago.
No doubt, he said, you think you can make good the loss with phosphate rocks.
Spend the money allocated to searching for and drilling into underground caverns to find hot rocks and generate geothermal energy.
Rather than silicate rocks, they'd have carbonaceous ones.
Store the drops in cheap containers made of rocks and dirt.
Also, tropical rocks tend to experience deep weathering, rarely poking above the ground as outcrops.
Oil oozing out of rocks or dug out by hand was usually enough to meet the modest needs of those who lived nearby.
Each theory predicts a different mixture of surface rocks.
Because no outlet can afford to get dropped from the press club, no one dares rocks the boat.
The pigments that give the fine-grained rocks their hues come largely from the iron and manganese compounds they contain.
But once you start turning over rocks and reaching out to help people, there's a whole avalanche coming right behind it.
It exploded, slamming him into the rocks and destroying the lower half of his leg.
Where rocks sing, ants swim, and plants eat animals.
Scientists say that if large icecaps on the island melt, they'll ease the pressure on the rocks beneath the surface.
From studies of ancient rocks, geologists had a rough sense of our planet's original chemical composition.
But the thing is we're looking for and finding such rocks.
Clay minerals, he explains, are crystals formed from the weathering of rocks by water.
They calculated these rotations based on the alignment of magnetic material in ancient rocks.
The rocks slows, converting its enormous energy of motion into heat.
And indeed, players were particularly likely to imitate rocks and scissors.
The waves crashing against the rocks, sending ocean spray into the air.
They were, however, fascinated by her craw and gizzard still full of grain and rocks to grind it.
The white colored slope they are perched on accentuates the rocks.
When water gets squeezed between the rocks and the shore, it speeds up and causes the current to form.
Recognize some uses of different rocks and minerals.

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