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Example sentences for rocking

Jazz, world beat, and experimental artists keep the crowd rocking.
All the while, the zoo's four chimps listened nervously, rocking back and forth and shaking the bars of the pen down the hall.
He dropped into his rocking chair, looking around the room.
Sobbing, she hunches her shoulders and wraps her arms around herself, rocking back and forth.
Haynes climbed the spinning, rocking structure to a perilous and precarious perch high on the scaffolding.
It's catchy and rocking and modern sounding, and his voice sounds all over the place, in an impressive way.
Or, watch television in a rocking chair: rocking also takes energy and involves a continuous gentle flexing of the calf muscles.
The red rocking chair was a rocking of his own hips as he sat in the kitchen.
He has been rocking and rolling his way through the city's bars, a couple of hours every night, for nearly two decades.
The redhead is rocking that green dress with unexpected red shoes.
Some boxers will kind of throw you up against the ropes and really start rocking and rolling on you.
Groggy with ether, nauseous with the rocking of the boat, he could dimly feel that weights had been attached to his legs.
The rocking horse has a hardwood frame and is covered with synthetic hide.
He likes to rock in his rocking chair or on a rocking horse.

Famous quotes containing the word rocking

Poor devil, poor devil, he's best gone out of a life where he rides his rocking-horse to find a winner.... more
But poor devil, poor devil, he's best gone out of a life where he has to ride a rocking horse to find a win... more
My own songs awakened from that hour, And with them the key, the word up from the waves, The word of the sweetest song a... more
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