rockfall in a sentence

Example sentences for rockfall

The rockfall buried dozens, perhaps hundreds, of residents alive.
Even though some of the rockfall was dynamited away, allowing the river to flow once more, the lake remained.
In addition to risking a fall, people who cut trails often kick off rockfall dangerous to those below.
Rockfall reports from the regions will be incorporated into the database.
No injuries and no property damage resulted from the rockfall.
Rockfall protection formed an important part of the design requirements.
The rockfall that filled the fractures is thought to have occurred during the last series of ice ages.
Avalanche closures and hazards due to rockfall will be minimized.
Bus badly damaged by large boulder at rockfall site.
Hazardous burned-out trees, unstable slopes and rockfall, as well as burned out power poles are being evaluated and mitigated.
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