robustness in a sentence

Example sentences for robustness

It redefined modern dance, adding energy, robustness and physicality to traditional restrained moves.
His robustness, his optimism, and his fearlessness unsettled people.
But this prized robustness is also a serious limitation.
One way to check the robustness of a species, he tells me, is to track reproduction rates.
Let's see how things go, and how the machine people judge the robustness of the machine.
But acknowledging this does nothing to bolster the robustness of our existing research on vaccines and autism.
He should have tested the model for robustness against other variables, such as interest rates or rates.
Its popularity stemmed from a mix of robustness and efficiency.
But when things go bad, you'll want those redundancies and inefficiencies but you'll give them a different label: robustness.
Rather than engineering to avoid failures, systems should designed for robustness, to minimize the effects of failure.
How big our credit card bill is month to month is no way to measure economic robustness.

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The blues women had a commanding presence and a refreshing robustness. They were nurturers, taking the yeas... more
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