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Flavorful ginger, garlic and a medley of spices produce a robust heat, while also providing an array of health benefits.
Sweet apricots and aromatic spices combine with chicken and chickpeas for a hearty meal that's robust with flavor.
Sauropods did not have robust batteries of molars to chew their food.
Lifeguards attribute the stinging streak in part to an unusually robust population of lion's mane jellies.
The result has only become more robust as additional archaic birds and non-avian feathered dinosaurs have been found.
After a month or so on a strengthening diet, he felt robust enough to try a few steps.
It had a long jaw full of huge teeth and robust forearms tipped in large claws.
Still, there was always something robust and manly in the tone they adopted.
But his robust good sense, his regard for strict accuracy and his determination to be understood, make him an interesting writer.
We are creating a nation once again vibrant, robust, and alive.
It has a chewier, more robust texture than risotto made with rice and considerably more fiber.
But there is another pedagogically and academically robust concept of education, that of a seamless system.
We want a robust form of shared governance on this campus, and that requires the participation of all parties.
Then a few opponents joined the conversation and a robust discussion erupted.
If he was a revolutionary, he was also a robust champion of reform.
Luckily, my campus has a fairly robust recruiting program through which many employers come to campus to interview students.
It works across all browsers, but it's nowhere near as robust nor does it capture information as well.
Civic leaders pay a lot of lip service to the importance having robust flight options in their communities.
But the population is not particularly robust, and the animal is considered endangered.
The cage can trap gases and is robust enough to survive interplanetary travel.
But it is also perfectly acceptable to use an ax on dead wood and build robust campfires.
But the band needed singers, a robust vocal outfit to tame the music's feisty bucking.
Once a hippo reaches one year, it is robust enough to stand its ground and is rarely bothered.
The country's robust growth promotes trade, foreign investment, and industries such as electronics.
There's evidence that they stood up to six feet eight inches tall and had a robust musculature.
Despite its prime location, the island is far removed from robust development elsewhere in the country.
At first, the popularity of the safety drew mostly praise as its use seemed to usher in a new era of robust living.
We owe our robust health in this country largely as a result, directly or indirectly, to the use of fossil fuels.
In addition to making existing synapses more robust, learning causes the brain to grow larger.
Because if the enzyme keeps the telomeres robust, the chromosomes stay protected and the cell's aging is slowed.
Science is only believable, verifiable, and robust when its findings agree with your personal opinions.
The authors note that the fear-conditioning paradigm, although robust and thoroughly studied, is a crude probe.
No method currently under study is robust enough yet to supplant mammography.
Recipients of the bee-borne treatment also produced more robust fruit, as the result of enhanced pollination.
It has traits that have helped to define what it is to be a bird, such as long and robust forelimbs.
Worm castings can't stabilize a forest floor microclimate and retain moisture the way a robust leaf-litter bed can.
Religious practice will experience a revival, seen as a conveyor of robust heuristics, cultural values and rituals.
Yet amid the gloom the outlook for a robust recovery has actually been brightening.
Even a relatively robust economy provides little cheer.
The system he created has proved both robust and flexible.
They found no robust proof that financial globalisation helped countries to grow more quickly.
Some languages, even robust ones, face an obvious threat in the shape of a political power bent on imposing a majority tongue.
In such a poor country, food has traditionally been robust, spicy but lacking in sophistication.
And if economics as a broad discipline deserves a robust defence, so does the free-market paradigm.
The tiny size of this oyster belies its robust, coppery flavor.
Lots of people attribute milk chocolate's ubiquity to the proximity of a robust dairy-cow industry.
In the cutthroat world of elite sports, sidelined players often seek fringe medicine for faster, more robust recoveries.
Right now the new human population genomics is robust and informative in phylogeny.
So what you really want is microscopic machinery that is robust enough to repair itself.
Now the results are getting robust enough that the models can be tested, and alternatives refuted or accepted.
The link between bipolar illness and creativity is genuine and extremely robust, she maintains.
Their autonomy will be so robust that it will take only one operator to oversee four of them at once.
Pessimism can't be based on sentiment alone, one has to draw upon facts and robust theory.
There's a correlation with length, but it's much more robust with width.
Even malnutrition doesn't really alter the fact that you'll develop five fingers, it's a robust trait.
The study provides valuable and robust insights into an early and important phase of human colonization of the globe.
It is not always about finding the best solution, but also about finding a robust solution.
We need a robust manufacturing sector to create tomorrow's technology.
Oil, coal, and natural gas will still dominate-and will grow at a relatively robust rate over the next two decades.
It isn't going to instantaneously scale up to a robust multiprocessing data path and achieve high instructions per clock.
But researchers in academia and industry have found ways to make the polymers stronger, more robust, and more efficient.
Making robust water filters that can remove salt and arsenic without requiring a lot of energy has been a challenge.
The latter approach is more robust, particularly when navigating unpredictable, complex environments.
Lithium-ion batteries are generally more robust and lighter but are far more expensive.
But he is confident that his model is robust enough to be expanded indefinitely.
Before chaotic message encryption hits the big time, however, it must be shown to be as robust as traditional optical signals.
Any type of fuel cell should first be proven in devices much less robust than the common, everyday cell phone.
At this level the is to reorganize the instructions to be more robust, without breaking the overall design.
The state does in fact have an overabundance of natural resources and usually enjoys a robust economy.
He began with the kind of cuts and fiscal action that might calm the markets: robust pension reform and a tax on home ownership.
It is therefore perhaps understandable that a more robust sense of cultural and political self-confidence has remained elusive.
H e could also be robust with complaining advertisers.

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