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The field is called social robotics, and it remains a tricky business.
But the real power in robotics technologies lies in their ability to augment and extend our own capabilities.
The company helped the college design courses in laser and robotics training.
The promise of robotics is not the only promise unkept.
And the utilities failed to build up expertise in certain areas, such as robotics.
Now, it's quite possible that robotics may generate unemployment as the economy adjusts to the deployment of new technology.
It is also a centre for innovation in robotics, electronics and nanotechnology.
Although robotics has sped up many of these processes, the scale of the task still dwarfs the automation achieved.
One of the biggest challenges in robotics engineering is mimicking the human sense of touch.
Perhaps more than any other factor, the life span of batteries has limited the infiltration of robotics into daily life.
Similar to what is already happening to military robotics.
His crew follows three high school robotics teams as they compete in the metal bending world of combat robotics.
It's actually an advanced piece of robotics that won't fetch a tennis ball.
If they work as advertised, they could be the next big leap forward for military robotics.
Maybe you want to get them involved in robotics or computer programming from an even earlier age.
Research on humanoid robotics has focused on the control of manipulators and walking machines.
When you simulate theoretical ideas in robotics or artificial intelligence, they can look wonderful.
That's where the robotics comes in--to free human beings from such chores.
Such thinking is behind a growing movement in robotics to build machines that portray emotions.
While it may appear to be all fun and games, the goal was still serious-to advance the state of robotics.
Robotics graduate programs are well established at many universities, with undergraduate programs starting to appear.
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