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For her doctoral dissertation, she developed a robotic shepherd capable of corralling a herd of twenty robots.
One might call it robotic, but that's not fair to robots, who don't generally have discomfiting gleams in their eyes.
Sly messed with the vocoder tube that transformed his voice into a robotic buzz.
Exhibitions of robotic dinosaurs seem to be back on the upswing.
The episode reminded me of my own early encounters with robotic dinosaurs.
It is the voice of a writer in a vacuum, who seems almost robotic, lifeless or empty.
In light of these hazards astrophysicists tell us that robotic probes are our best bet for exploring the cosmos.
The airplane rolled left, and the autopilot disengaged with a robotic warning and three chimes.
The first few pieces he wrote had a certain robotic quality.
These robotic probes paved the way for a giant leap forward in space exploration.
Knowing where and how oxygen exists in the universe may in turn help scientists plan future robotic and manned missions.
Before robotic versions of sons can interact with mothers the way real sons do, much more will be required than flawless mimicry.
We took these pictures from a deep diving robotic submarine.
The first generation of robotic tuna had to be tethered to a heap of electronics the size of a fridge.
Visitors to its website have categorised millions of images of galaxies, taken by robotic telescopes.
It is not some strange aquatic creature, but a new robotic underwater vehicle that could revolutionise the way oceans are studied.
But when the phonemes are strung together, the result sounds robotic.
Search engines work by dispatching hordes of robotic spiders to crawl the web and index the keywords on every page they encounter.
When attached to a second robotic device, he was able to pick up a boiled sweet and drop it into a technician's hand.
Leveraging unpiloted drones and other robotic technology is proving both effective, cheap and necessary.
It offers online retailers a robotic torso that can be used to create virtual copies of the clothes they hold in stock.
Equally remarkable, there already existed a body of work in the computer world on robotic laundry and towel folding.
Here, the silver colored rasp protruding from the lander's robotic arm scoop.
Player movement borders on robotic at times, particularly in between plays.
It's bigger, more powerful and more sophisticated than any other robotic vehicle that has landed on another planet.
Real-life, robotic pack mules are slowly starting to get ready for war.
Quick data collection is critical to performing real-time tasks, for example grasping a tool with a robotic arm.
The body of the station is to the right, and the bent joint of the robotic arm is obvious.
The country needs more of these robotic space exploration missions, not less.
Engineers use a robotic device known as a smart pig to inspect pipelines from the inside.
She helped pioneer the field of robotic choreography, where they try to make robots adopt more humanlike motions.
The sub's robotic arm located the sponge and collected enough to resume the search for a cancer cure.
Fleets of robotic aircraft could improve weather forecasts.
It's been used for robotic vision and automated home lighting.
Today's robotic arms have limited flexibility, with many robots requiring up to six arms to achieve a complete range of motion.
To begin integration, many drivers will demand vehicles whose robotic controls could be mechanically overridden.
Robotic tongues have been put to a lot stranger use.
But a device under development could give them a robotic boost for improved mobility.
The new gel, successfully tested in rats, could also enable more complex robotic surgery as well as minimally invasive surgery.
These guys have developed a robotic touch sensor, covered it with fingerprints and worked out exactly how useful they are.
Can't wait to add the algorithm to my robotic camera.
Some of those who rushed to buy an expensive robotic system got less than they bargained for.
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