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The floor-scrubbing robot has a logic of its own as it washes floors.
The robot is designed to snake through dark, narrow air conditioning ducts and spot obstacles along the way.
Robot dogs, for example, need only a change of batteries.
New models of robot vacuum cleaners are sure signs that the household robot field is finally taking off.
Of course, full human employment may not be a part of a sentient robot overlord's grand plan.
The simulated environment comes complete with robot arms for lifting packages off a conveyor belt and placing them on pallets.
And here's today's bonus video, watch robot flowers come to life.
Someday, in a house next door, a robot may be playing a game of cribbage with an elderly widow.
Long a staple of science fiction, self-driving vehicles that act as robot chauffeurs have been a cultural dream for decades.
It would seem that putting a robot onto a bike would be a pointless exercise akin to putting gas-powered horses before a carriage.
The obvious solution is to somehow turn low skilled workers into robot food.
Turns out, building a legged robot that's more of a benefit than burden isn't so easy.
It sounds barking mad, but people are developing relationships with their robot dogs, as though they were real pets.
The usefulness of a kicking robot is moot, but the idea is certainly not new.
One robot cooks while other robots set the table and wash the dishes.
The foundation has already put up prizes in areas as diverse as cleaning up oil spills and landing a robot on the moon.
The gecko's amazing sticky toes inspired scientists to invent a wall-climbing robot.
For robot designers these days, small is beautiful.
The robot is not in danger because it lies outside the impact zone.
See a video of the monkey operating the robot arm at the end of this article.
Other insidious sorts employ armies of robot workers which produce a sham consensus about what is the correct solution to a task.
Robot lovers and outsourcing opponents could soon have something in common: the fear that their jobs are at stake.
The robot had saved the lives of many of the officer's ordinance-disposal soldiers.
After an update to its software, a robot scientist has recycled its previous research to make a new biological discovery.
But if you can be patient enough, a small robot might be able to do the job for you.
Describes a robot at the facility that has been fitted with human taste buds.
And instead of having an old sink-plunger doubling as its arm, their robot has a useful set of grippers.
He is now making a robot predator to see how the shoal reacts to less benign intruders.
But in the event, the robot's religious yearning to keep the power flowing means that no harm is done.
Although, there is no robot or computer that can truly replace the amazing decision making system that is the human brain.
Also, the coming digital wave in robot-driven cars should tie right in to electrical vehicles.
Despite the popular idea in the modern media, a robot rebellion with artificial intelligence will be extremely unlikely.
The robot also has a gyroscope that uses a laser to precisely measure changes in its orientation.
At first blush, it might seem that a wall-crawling robot and a gecko do not have much in common.
Or the computer could send signals to a robotic arm if a natural arm were missing or to a robot arm mounted on a chair.
Unless you're a robot, your speech has a musical quality to it.
The military's taken plenty of big steps towards fortifying battlefields with robot armies.
The robot allows surgeons to specify the correct cutting sequence to remove tissue.
It's range of motion and ability to respond to human interaction made it a favorite among robot and toy enthusiasts.
The robot was built for three levels of crouching, from barely crouching to a deep-seated squat.
Each plant and robot is connected to a computer network.
They also sign your paychecks, giving you money that can be used to fix your robot.
If your managers win, you might be able to buy that robot you've been eyeing.
Envision a robot cowering under the bed if a user is feeling angry and looking for something to kick.
Researchers have developed a robot that senses damage in cables before they fail.
The robot is equipped with sensors and a small camera, which wirelessly relays video to a laptop.
Controlling a robot with an electrode-studded swim cap.
Using our controller, the simulated robot is able to perform complex torso movements commonly seen in belly dancing as well.
But we've never pulled out anybody who was alive with a rescue robot.
The robot nosed around the seafloor in vain looking for the elevator.
From a mechanical point of view, robot arms have come a long way, even in the last year or so.
The robot showed good mobility capability, even on the steep slopes of the mine.

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