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It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.
With all due respect, you are equating the industrious citizen with the bank robber.
We are living through a second gilded age with our own robber barons at the controls.
Others accused him of being a smuggler and a grave robber and denied him bread and water.
She asked him what had happened to his face where the robber had struck him.
The bank robber had a brief run as a national figure.
But then if you were a bank robber this, too, might seem welcoming.
His philanthropic activity also contradicts the stock image of the greedy robber baron.
Prison was his makeover, from detested robber baron to beloved martyr.
The next day people said a robber had been caught, killed, and his body burned.
But as the money poured in, the onetime bank robber found less-wholesome uses for it.
Clearly these media conglomerates are the robber barons of our era.
The robber turned and killed him with a single shot to the head.
Horner doesn't want to leave any fossils lying around unguarded in case the interloper is a robber and smuggler.
It doesn't matter that the robber was wrong and there was nothing special about that day.
All they have to do is wait, and they can rob the robber.
And a bank teller's appeals that a robber should put down his gun was what led him to hold up the bank.
And through the crimson dawning the robber band goes by.
The traveler without money will sing before the robber.
Presently, if there is another swarm in the woods, robber bees appear.
Lest while he is tipsy and reeling, some robber his cloak should be stealing.
The robber of the poor was at the mercy of the robber of the rich.
The brother is carried off in a raid by robber bands.
The clerk is horrified at his error until the robber regains consciousness.
They may originally start out being robber barons, but so did we.
Some senior government leaders were robber barons before they donned state robes.
Robber barons fought for control of his patents, and court battles over them fascinated the public.
Even setting aside its alleged robber baron, this will be tough.
Even without the unwelcome attentions of the robber-cops, the journey would have been a slog.
It has had many names, including savage, robber baron capitalism.
The teller complied with the robber's demand note, and provided a sum of money to the robber.
Try to inform the robber of any surprise other than tripping the silent alarm.

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