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But it's not all mullets and roasting sausages at the expo.
These quick sauces and dry rubs are delicious whether you're roasting, pan-frying, or grilling.
The best cuts of beef for roasting are: tip or middle of sirloin, back of rump, or first three ribs.
There came continually more and more of these cats and their howling mingled with that of those roasting on the spit was terrific.
So the world is condemned to a slow roasting, even though global warming could be averted if everyone co-operated.
Brewers then use one of several methods for roasting the beans.
Many of these are inhospitable, roasting-hot worlds.
Although our dry roast practice makes roasting more challenging, the preservation of flavor is definitely worth the effort.
Little fire stands circling the savannah signaled roasting corn.
Also a tremendous rib-piece was roasting before the fire, being impaled on an upright stake forced in and out between the ribs.
Everyday alchemy, coffee roasting coaxes golden flavor from a bland bean.
Arrange ribs, rounded side up, in single layer on rack in shallow roasting pan.
Place pan in a roasting pan and pour in cheesecake filling.
Meanwhile, some established cafes around the city have made moves toward roasting their own beans.
Transfer chicken to a roasting pan and drizzle with vegetable oil.
Place roasting pan with an inch of water in oven bottom.
It's faster than roasting, my other go-to vegetable cooking method.
The bill now declares that coffee-roasting, though not coffee-preparation, is a form of manufacturing.
Roasting is the recommended method for cooking tender meats.
Selenium is commercially produced by either soda ash roasting or sulfuric acid roasting of the copper slimes.
Roasting also dries the peanuts further and causes them to turn brown as peanut oil stains the peanut cell walls.
The high-oleic oil roasting benefitted all the peanuts tested, but the effect was pronounced in the smallest peanut size group.
Roasting is a high-temperature process that converts zinc sulfide concentrate to an impure zinc oxide called calcine.
The simulated roasting model was found to be representative of what occurs during roasting.
Roasting is performed in copper smelters prior to charging reverberatory furnaces.

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