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Once there is contact, pull your head back and roar in mock rage.
The dinosaurs roar and come with descriptive information, and new dinosaurs will be added in future updates.
The roar of the chopper blasts through my headphones.
It was clapping, stamping and swooshing with a roar.
Personally, it resonated with a reverberating roar in my heart.
Often the explosions start as a pinpoint and burst outward with a flash and a roar.
New designs, better mufflers, and electric options have also squelched some of the neighbor-alienating roar.
They rush forwards, waving and yelling soundlessly against the roar of rotary blades.
They mark the area with urine, roar menacingly to warn intruders, and chase off animals that encroach on their turf.
Got close enough to hear the roar and music overlaying it.
Actually, he noticed the absence of something: the thundering roar of the falls.
The roar of the fan that cools the battery pack was evident, however.
If you're away from the roar of the waterfalls, you hear a jet every few minutes.
Paint on a brown nose and whiskers and practice your roar.
But innovators know that the roar of results drums louder than the melody of good ideas.
If he could place weather tools in a tornado's path, its spinning winds could roar over them.
Roar into the new school year with our awesome lion postcards.
Be clever and put spaces around the segments of your e-mail address to keep the spam down to a dull roar.
Every time you discover an entire bone, you're rewarded with a dinosaur roar of approval.
Ledger made that chaos sputter and roar with heartbreaking vitality.
There is, of course no viscerally-satisfying sport-car roar as it reaches highway speeds.
Blinding whiteouts roar in with little warning and can halt construction for days.
The rocket makes an obscene roar and plows into the sky.
Feed your head with the roar of bits pulsing across the cosmos, and learn something about who you are.
Scientists long thought the lion's distinctive roar was due to thick layers of fat inside the vocal cords.
She wears earplugs and rests her head on foam cushions to dampen the device's roar, as loud as a jet engine.
Yet he is not a mere exaggerator, one of the popular demoniacs who work as if in the flare and roar of a boiler-factory.
He is a ringmaster of language: alert to every possible twitch and roar.
Electric motors may lack a throaty roar, but they actually do a better job than petrol engines in high-performance vehicles.
If one of these were to make landfall at full roar, the results would be catastrophic.
Every few minutes a fir ignites, flames devouring it in a rush of light, the roar of rockets.
Eventually the roar fades as the swarm misses our scent, hurtling on relentlessly in the midday sun.
Automobiles disappeared, taking their horns and roar and leaving yards of space.
Cars honk, buses roar, and a sea of people sweeps by.
Nobody likes getting cut off in traffic, but usually both parties can speed away, perhaps shaking a fist as they roar off.
Inflow winds that roar at ground level into the base of the tornado can cause damage way before the tornado even hits your house.
Arena, are ready to roar comebacks without missing a step.
The trucks that will roar when the meat distribution day begins are silent now, as night folds into late night.
And when he appears before them, a great roar erupts.
But even if your horse doesn't come in, the trackside buzz and the roar of the crowd will be enough to get tails wagging.
The scene was straight out of sci-fi: huge, metallic birds coming home to nest with a demented roar.

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