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We roam to opposite corners of the globe knowing that friends and colleagues can reach us by dialing a single number.
Anniversaries are one of the few occasions at which a nostalgic impulse should be left to roam unfettered.
These tough animals are solitary, and they need a lot of room to roam.
The freedom that qubits have to roam across the entire sphere helps to give quantum computers their unique capabilities.
We're looking for some of the only giraffes in the world that roam entirely in unprotected habitat.
Instead of cages, chimpanzees would roam forested enclosures.
Pro-government militias roam the countryside, terrorising and beating suspected opposition supporters.
Spend your morning on the beach then roam the rolling vineyards and sample local wines in the afternoon.
From the first minute of the game, you have the freedom to roam about the city and its outskirts as much as you want.
Sales managers roam the aisles of high volume call centers.
Tigers, rhinos and elephants still roam the forests.
Fewer than a hundred of the large carnivores currently roam national and state parks and nearby private lands.
Fishermen would have to be allowed to roam the planet seeking fish protein.
And although police are constrained by national borders, criminals roam freely.
If you leave the house while making a call, you roam seamlessly back on to the ordinary mobile network.
At night hippos leave the water and roam overland to graze.
From dawn to dusk, orangutans roam the forest treetops.
So the bears-getting hungrier and thinner-must roam the shores for what food they can find.
But his hands, bedecked with rings, roam large on the screen at times.
Administrators roam the hallways, checking the boards to make certain that the units being covered are appropriate.
But don't hold your breath waiting for animal spies to roam the world anytime soon.
It insists on obeying the laws of even the dictatorial countries where its missionaries roam.
Other mammals, such as elephants and western giraffes, also roam these lands.
Traffic reporters roam the skies in helicopters to alert listeners to the latest accidents and backups.
The relatives of the camel need room to roam, lots of room to roam.
Booth babes in the garb of various games roam the crowded show floor.
He will continue to roam the hills where thousands and thousands are buried.
They had plenty of room to roam around and could easily remain out of reach if they chose.
While both manta species roam all the oceans, they appear to have a different lifestyle.
It is one of the few places in the world where monkeys roam freely next to humans.
Less than two years old, the sanctuary gives the chimps nearly one hundred acres of tropical rain forest to roam in safety.
It's a prime place to kick back, dangle your feet over the gunwales, and let your binoculars roam.
There they will be free to roam again for another year.
Hundreds of thousands of gazelles roam the open steppe, as do marmots, which are prized for both flesh and fur.
Beginning today, zookeepers will decide on a daily basis whether or not to let the lion cubs roam their outdoor digs.
If you roam the sidelines in a college sports arena, consider yourself in the public eye.
First, try taking him off the leash when you're home and letting him roam around.
In search of food, individual ants initially roam an area at random.
Females tend to stay close to their place of birth, while the males roam.
Even bigger ships, called ultra-large crude carriers, also roam the seas.
The warm spring weather, together with these disappointments, bred in me the desire to roam.
Species that depend on big stands of old growth, such as marbled murrelets and spotted owls, would have much less room to roam.
Business issues were put on the back burner to give the technical ideas room to roam.
But the horses aren't nearly as destructive as the cattle and sheep who roam the range.
That's why they've kept their number of guest rooms low, allowing visitors to roam at their own pace.
During summer, mountain climbers and hikers roam the pristine wilderness and explore the charming villages that dot the area.
Dancers wearing colorful costumes or animal furs roam from house to house, singing and dancing to ward off evil.
It seems the closest art to prayer and where the shamans roam.
His father's job was to roam: he was a truck driver.
Scientists wire the oceans with data cables, permanent observatories, and robots that can roam for years.
The new plan for exploring the ocean: let a thousand robots roam.
If challenging problems are solved, it could be let loose in theme parks to roam on its own.
But they are continuously absorbed by cosmic debris-stars, gas clouds, and such-as they roam the universe.
Fire could no longer roam the valleys and radiate into the mountains.
There was plenty of game for the cougars and, it was thought, plenty of room for them to roam.
Without any fuel tanks to weigh it down, a fusion ramjet could approach the speed of light and roam almost anywhere in the galaxy.
Lunge-feeding may have allowed whales to become the biggest animals ever to roam the planet.
These are crops now in the human food supply with seeds free to roam the open air.
Anyone who exercises where ticks roam know they're easier to feel on hairy legs than shaved ones.
Anyway, let you own mind roam free: here's the show in mp3 and real audio.
The elephants roam all over the plantation, trampling down the plants.
Elsewhere, especially in the east, various local militias continue to roam menacingly across the country.
The salt tang of the ocean is in the blood, with a yearning to roam the world unfettered by continental sloth and red tape.
Organic birds are allowed to roam free and have perches and other chances to exhibit natural behaviour.
Wild horses called mustangs roam in bands for protection.
They roam the mountain slopes and saddles in groups, and several groups now accept my presence almost as a member.
They roam and eat at night, and return each morning to sleep in previously used tree holes.
Militias have been sent out to roam the streets in cars, and they'll shoot anyone they see walking around.
Gangs armed with barbers' razors roam city streets, extortion is widespread, beatings are routine.
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