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The island is incredibly green and banana and papaya trees dot the roadside.
The best roadside burgers are big and brawny and take-no-prisoners.
It has small-town rodeos, relaxed guest ranches, and roadside diners with good pie.
Those who enjoy roadside fig hunting may be in paradise here, though the sport should be pursued with respect and restraint.
They're available at farmers markets, fruit stands, and roadside pick-your-own farms across the province.
One of the two roadside restaurants is serving paca-a large rodent that is remarkably tasty fried.
Roadside bombs in the neighborhood are a continuing hazard but have not deterred shoppers.
Give yourself a full day to take in the roadside views and enjoy some easy walking.
In fact, they are all too visible, lying there along the roadside.
First she stops to rub her right-side whiskers against a roadside tree.
Foxes forage at the roadside, headlights igniting their eyes.
At the roadside his colleagues are slipping into blue coveralls and tall rubber boots, putting on helmets.
Harvest season from late summer to early autumn is especially recommended, when roadside stands sell local produce.
Not many people think of shantytowns, illegal street vendors, and unlicensed roadside hawkers as major economic players.
Electricity could then be sent down those channels, zapping roadside bombs from a safe distance.
Sifting through it to find roadside bombs or missile components is a time-consuming challenge.
If you have a roadside emergency, pull onto the shoulder, turn on the hazard lights and raise the hood of your vehicle.
Military doctors treated soldiers wounded by roadside bombs.
He joined us in our walk, but kept wandering unrestfully to the roadside.
The roadside elevators filled up, and the farmers found their market gone.
They then made it look as if they had killed him in an exchange of gunfire as he was digging a hole for a roadside bomb.
And in many places more exotic names have sprung up by the roadside.
He applied for a smaller development, and to move the swamp from the roadside to the back of his property.
Roadside beacons and transponders inside vehicles keep traffic moving in close-packed platoons.
Hammers and sickles are daubed in lurid colours by the roadside.
Instead, they faced a growing threat from roadside bombs.
In some villages, residents fled into the forest rather than follow the drive to the roadside.
Then again, there are also guys that burn used tyres by the roadside to get the metal in them, who somehow get away with it.
We stopped at a roadside stand to buy some cider and apples as a gift for my brother and his family.
For many, the solution was charging stations: roadside stands run by small entrepreneurs fortunate enough to have generators.
Celebrity rehab is something akin to a gruesome roadside wreck.
Garbage piles up by the roadside, and the squatters string wires from power lines to steal electricity.
Winter life survives around fireplaces and roadside blazes.
The fact that they don't drip too much juice can be handy if they're intended as a roadside snack.
Not only will this allow economic development to seep into the valley, but it will reduce the number of roadside bombs.
When sensor networks have been deployed roadside, it's usually been to monitor traffic, not parking.
And jamming devices can sometimes block radio-controlled detonation of roadside bombs.
Roadside safety addresses the area outside of the roadway.
Roadside vehicle camping is permitted in areas that have been traditionally used for this purpose.

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