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In the path at the side of the road they were compelled to walk one behind the other.
Many colleges look to online education as the path to growth, but it is often a bumpy road.
As the road dips and curves, a car has to follow that path, dipping and curving as well.
Road conditions can change rapidly and the weather may cause temporary closures or other restrictions that could impact travel.
We stand in warm rain on a dirt road and contemplate a cattle pasture.
Taking your job on the road is easier than ever, especially with the right mobile office tools.
If you've ever driven along a gravel or dirt road in the summer, you're undoubtedly familiar with the washboards that develop.
Rising costs test families' faith, while one in three presidents see academe on the wrong road.
The dirt road is suitable for cars-but take it slow.
Dark red indicates the densest road networks, dark blue the sparsest.
Shallow water may have given him a solid foundation to build a road.
Before long, the road begins to climb, trees disappear and rocks outnumber what is left of the vegetation.
Knowledge, because all are hidden among the trees along a rugged, winding road so steep it can make your ears pop.
Never before has anyone driven so fast, and never again has someone gone so fast on a public road.
It's ugly and hot, and you'll see a lot of overheated cars along the road on the way.
Therefore, police try to park close to the road and detect vehicles far downfield.
But the people are long gone, and the places don't show up on any modern road maps.
The road twists and climbs steadily, cutting steeply into the mountains.
My kids grew up in the back seat of the car on various road trips.
Extending the proposal stage only makes that road longer and more costly.
Its biggest strength is saving road spaces, efficient and high in capacity.
People are given birth to work and overcome their difficulties occur in they road ahead.
It will make you think twice about answering your cell phone next time it rings while you are on the road.
Most hospitals preach quality care but when the rubber hits the road they don't provide the resources to deliver the care.
At the first glance it was really no more exciting than an overturned carriage or a tree blown across the road.
In the long term, road pricing is surely the answer.
There is a discussion at the end of the book about what the correct road-building policy should be.
If implemented, that would allow the authority to charge a hefty daily fee for the use of road space at busy times.
Along the road of life, he'll invent a new way to make the roads of our lives a smoother ride.
When you first start out, there aren't many actions: you can build some road, or chop down trees to get more wood for the road.
One of the big questions about electric vehicles is where we'll charge them out on the road.
But kicking the can down the road isn't a workable strategy much longer.
One reader had hoped that the new book would be a road map for realizing for-profit education's possibilities.
But he was more often inspired by the sense of freedom and possibility he found on the open road.
Heaps of debris have been neatly laid along both sides of the road.
The chicken then sprinted ahead and went to a farm alongside the road.
Road-trippers today don't expect much more from a rest stop than a stale vending machine and, if they're lucky, a clean bathroom.
Measures such as restricting off-the-road vehicles are needed to protect desert crusts.
Purchasing a green product could make you more likely to behave more selfishly down the road, a new study reveals.
Operation can change from hydrogen to gasoline when no hydrogen pump is on the road.
But let's say another thing: rail infrastructures cost a lot, but are less in number than road infrastructures.
And remember, nothing beats seeking out local restaurants when you're on the road, to soak up some of the local culture.
But you still use those highways and road projects, so other program budgets are negatively effected to supplant your lost fees.
Planning a cheap road trip is not only easy, it adds a new dimension to your adventure.
Getting ready for a long road trip usually entails going to the grocery store and packing the car with a bunch of goodies.
Current drive-time predictions on online maps rely on the length of road and the posted speed limit.
The researchers' model combines traffic data collected from static road sensors as well as from volunteers' cell phones.
When users reach a road in the fantasy-themed game, they can cross at designated safe spots and must look both ways for monsters.
In fact, it may create the opposite affect, it's own open road map to financial collapse.
We are working with a leading expert on road rage to develop product features that diffuse road tension, and prevent accidents.
The final course will be challenging, as live drivers and robots will be sharing the road.
Automobile testing takes place in a laboratory, not on the road, so the results need not reflect real-world fuel economy.
Such tasks simply weren't a part of the previous race, which basically involved driving down a curvy desert road.
It can also slow down or change lanes to allow merging cars onto the road.
Web surfing has been, from its beginning, an open digital road.
Previous prototypes of road-drivable aircraft have featured manually folding or detachable wings.
And it must be granted that there are a tiny number of electric cars on the road compared to conventional vehicles.
So the central system knows which bike is in which slot at which rack, unless it is on the road.
Think about turning to the right, for instance, and the car will adopt the appropriate speed and road position.
Holographic imagery, that's a ways down the road for the moment.
Sliding round the corner on gravel and there was a mare across the road.
We took our seats in a brightly colored open-air tent, the kind used for weddings and funerals, by the side of the road.
The road on the left was carved from what used to be lakebed.
The high road is, of course, a political pose in its own right.
The road up and the road down is one and the same.
Most of the people who are going to get off the road get off when the traffic first starts to slow down.
Many economists expect slow growth and a painfully long road to full employment.
In one case the father was executed and left on the side of the road.
But as he left the dinner that night he made a point to remember the conversation: there might be consequences down the road.
Definitely enough to keep us speeding recklessly down the road to revenge.
The terrifying cliff-edge road that snakes through the valley is now scheduled to get graded and paved.
Lorre's road to recovery may have come through a sitcom.
Then they learned their bucolic dirt road wouldn't count as part of the set-aside land.
Meanwhile, my family planned a last-minute road trip.
All he can tell me is that driving on the left side of the road is making him contemplate his own mortality.
When placed into the road system on all major roads and freeways traffic jams gridlock and congestion cannot happen.
New road construction, improved road management, and more flexible work schedules could all provide some gridlock reduction.
The bumpy country road wound deeper into the scrubland until at last an undulating shape appeared in the distance.
Now, the roads are choked with private cars, and you would have to be crazy to risk riding a bicycle on the road.
And-understandably-irate drivers are already complaining that it will take away their freedom on the road.
The velocity of the bottom of the wheel relative to the point of contact on the road is essentially zero.
At about a minute in, keep your eyes on the third power line pole down the road.
In conventional vehicles, shocks convert the vertical motion caused by running over a bumpy road into heat.
Industrial chemicals--from plastics to pesticides--paved the road to modern life.
Of the one-eighth that reaches the wheels, over half heats the tires on the road or the air that the car pushes aside.

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