riveting in a sentence

Example sentences for riveting

Explorer investigates riveting topics from around the world.
Though fantastic and riveting as her stories may be, her life itself is so much more interesting and full of mystery.
The hyperactive narrative and hypnotic visuals make for a riveting comics showdown.
Anyways, the personality trait section was riveting.
Even more riveting is the later struggle to the ocean of each tiny, vulnerable hatchling.
It's really helpful to highlight some of riveting stories that get lost in the rush of news.
The book is a delicious, riveting engagement of both senses and intellect.
See riveting images from this acclaimed musical and photographic artist.
Few spectacles in nature are more riveting than a sea lion feasting on a jumbo salmon.
The combination of scale, rich detail and brilliant color and compositional and narrative drama is riveting.
His extraordinarily riveting images are as fake as images made by a painter.
Early efforts to use rudimentary headsets for computer games were not exactly riveting.
It is all about the attention-riveting accusations relating to his allegedly tawdry private life.
You'll never get closer than this to life inside an ant colony, nor find an account so riveting.
The result is a riveting sensation of narrative velocity.
The scenes were riveting and heartbreaking, but they fundamentally misrepresented the situation.
She has the ability to sing elaborate phrases while accompanying herself on the violin, creating a riveting and intense spectacle.
He pays particular attention to his consonants, and the effect is riveting.
The drums are big and powerful, or small and riveting.
Fit and fasten sheet metal coverings to surface areas and other sections of aircraft prior to welding or riveting.
However, there are a number of barriers to the widespread exploitation and high-volume production of the riveting technology.
The machine guarding deficiency involved lack of point of operation guarding for riveting machines.
Turner will provide his expert advice on how to create a riveting color garden for all seasons.
No riveting or welding shall be done until as much of the structure as will be stiffened thereby has been properly aligned.
The task of the biographer is to weave a riveting story from the fabric of the subject's life.
Bolt aligned structural-steel members in position for permanent riveting, bolting, or welding into place.
The method of attachment shall be either riveting or bolting.
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