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Mountain bike and horseback riding trails routed along the riverbank offer rugged terrain leading into dense forests.
Stay as close to the riverbank as possible while floating.
The motel is right on the riverbank and has outdoor decks overlooking the river.
Trails take you through the forest and along a riverbank.
Following the riverbank underground, the team was forced to cross several times when the bank vanished.
We followed their prints out to the riverbank and finally located our guys, alive and well.
The ideal riverbank is crumbly enough for the birds to excavate a nesting burrow with their beaks.
Nutria may inhabit a riverbank or lakeshore, or dwell in the midst of wetlands.
He's on his belly, drifting downstream past a half dozen kayakers who sit along the riverbank and watch as he goes by.
Golden breastplates, pendants, and other finery began tumbling out of tombs and cascading down the riverbank.
Farther on, a rebel camp sat brazenly on a riverbank, the blue roofs of its barracks plainly visible to oil company helicopters.
We'll picnic on the riverbank, pull off on the side of the road.
The two escaped by ditching their luggage and hiding in the hollow of a riverbank.
The consequences of its arrival are felt-on the riverbank, in public hearing rooms and in courthouses-to this day.
Crocodiles emerged from dank riverbank caves, where they had holed up for years.
Thus the riverbank was born and waterways began to get thinner and more defined.
Park yourself on the riverbank and watch the news flow by.
There they made camp on the riverbank and spent the night.
There is a belief among the caboclos that the butterflies come to the riverbank to ask the water to rise again.
He was waiting on the riverbank outside his small house, its windows edged in lace doilies.
The next thing she remembers, she was on the riverbank on the far side of the stream.
So he sat on the riverbank for a while, inching his legs closer and closer to his body until he could undo the boots.
But the opening in the riverbank was too steep and narrow for the zebus.
Even though the insect lives underwater, you can hear its call from the riverbank, several metres away.
Tawny against the brown leaves of the riverbank brush, the animal was almost perfectly camouflaged.
The flooding would interrupt businesses and damage property along the riverbank.

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