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But you don't have to be merely a leaf floating down the river of the promotion-and-tenure process.
The river valley and ravines provide quite a bit of topography.
Morality doesn't become any different than deciding what kind of bridge to build across a river.
He and she went along the river, seeking a ferry that might take them across.
He who does not know his way to the sea should take a river for his guide.
The free river baths have registered five and six millions of bathers in one brief season.
Dams, irrigation and now climate change have drastically reduced the once-mighty river.
His differentness probably reinforced solitary pursuits-he gravitated to the river, to sketching, to sailing and to painting.
Each population is derived from a pigmented, fully sighted surface- or river-dwelling form.
He and others studied river depths and velocity, vegetation and sediments, and the way water carries particles along riverbeds.
One way to determine the load of a river is, in concept, simple: go out in the field and measure it.
The dissolved and suspended types of river load are relatively easy to measure.
Prospectors learned how to divert water to expose the river bed for exploration.
In many parts of the world, one major river supplies water to multiple countries.
Fertilizer runoff can be recaptured by diverting a portion of river water into settling ponds or marshland behind levees.
In addition, there are many run of river hydro installations that do not require reservoirs.
Print detailed illustrations of river otters and other animals to color or use in school projects.
The wild river that along its lengthy journey gives life to so much and so many will be tamed forever.
Introduce the idea of life on a river by asking students to list stories that take place on a river.
Tell students that the water in the river and lake initially comes from the sky in the form of rain or snow.
Another kind of cruise is gaining ground on ocean cruises: river cruises.
Across the river, the corrugated-iron roofs of a prefabricated barracks glint in the midday sun.
He named his e-commerce company after the world's largest river to suggest a flood of books and other products.
Lorries and river barges use diesel, a source of particulates.
Lao villagers swap grisly tales of corpses dumped in the river.
They filmed interviews with farmers and fishermen who remembered when the river provided much of the populace with its livelihood.
Her voice reminds the swimmer of river rock: gravelly, smooth.
The play- ground is a fenced and paved lot be- tween a slum and the river.
Thus the river's moving, the blackbird must be flying, two half-knowledges or halves of one knowing.
When the kids figure out what's up, they escape to the river.
He gets plugged and falls into a river and reappears later without explanation.
We write poems about our daddies taking us fishing and breaking our hearts by making us throw the little fish back into the river.
He effected this trick by the apparently simple expedient of moving, fictionally, across the river.
Two troops encounter each other at midday at some sort of natural boundary--a river, for example.
Minutes later, another soared from the roiling river.
Soft focus shots of a cactus, water in a river, a desert.
River birch has no serious insect pests and is considered borer resistant.

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