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To maintain the cycle of night and day, rulers performed rituals to appease the gods.
The study's conclusion was that tasks with unpredictable, seemingly random outcomes tend to elicit rituals and eccentric behavior.
Or when these people came across dead dinosaurs, wouldn't they have kept the bones for rituals or something.
Rituals also usually incorporate a declaration of faith or offer a similar inclusion of religious dialogue.
Certain rhetorical moves go along with those requests-justifications, rationales, and linguistic rituals.
The intellectuals show their disdain for younger members of the profession when they demand adherence to these arcane rituals.
It is a ritual and has elements of performance as other rituals do.
The day is organized around manual labor, private study, and the rituals of communal prayer.
Their harvest and agricultural rituals, practiced for centuries, would perish.
These healers performed their rituals one hour a day for six consecutive days.
We long to hold on to those rituals and traditions of eon that still resonate, while making new meaning from the ether.
There are rituals, carefully constructed for the living, to process the dead.
Telltale marks on the bones suggest that the hominids engaged in mortuary rituals.
Similar examples of peculiar rituals and regimented routines in athletics abound.
Consider our rituals of apology and religious atonement, and his theory begins to make sense.
Also, maybe they have different mating rituals which prevent them from attracting one another.
Egyptians built some pyramids specifically for these initiation rituals.
It will be created without rituals, but will incorporate the rituals of other religions and add a few of its own.
Some of the objects in the exhibition used to play a part in rituals.
Religious practice will experience a revival, seen as a conveyor of robust heuristics, cultural values and rituals.
Though hardly impervious to secular winds, they have managed to maintain rituals better than others.
Many football fans also seem to think that the sacred rituals of a football match should be protected from vulgar commerce.
In terms of basic rituals, such as prayer and fasting, the two are not radically different.
All religions are inherently sectarian, they distinguish themselves from those with other beliefs through dogma and rituals.
Two types of pyramids were constructed: one for sacrificial rituals and the second for sacred ceremonies.
Theories for its importance include use in religious rituals and astronomy.
In all major league sports, there always have been rituals for rookies.
The two cultures have evolved to depend on each other for goods, services, and even important rituals.
Birds of paradise have beautiful and elaborate mating rituals.
Cranes engage in courtship rituals so elegant that scientists call them dances.
Witness stunning stories about rituals and traditions so shocking that you can't help but be attracted to them.
Objects of prestige and power, initiation and funerary rituals, and both secular and religious symbols are included.
Other disputes involve homework rituals, anxiety about pets, and sibling-control measures.
Smoking shortens lives, and is wasteful, but its rituals also may have helped smooth tense moments.
The rituals of rehearsal and performance give them little sense of autonomy.
Living and working in a foreign country, you begin to understand the rituals that create community.
In mortuary rituals, warriors were buried with their chariots and horses.
Here, the males were far more likely to begin their courtship rituals on the webs of cricket-full females.
After engaging in elaborate courtship rituals, some sea horses are thought to pair up for life.
The former is the reality of behavior operating visibly, rituals.
Many also engage in the basic religious rituals without necessarily subscribing strongly to any of the theology.
Describes rituals for the initiation of new members.
Daley is an unreconstructed old-school pol: rarely glimpsed without a suit jacket, fluent in the ancient political rituals.
Typically, such rituals purge élites and scare the populace.
One of my daily rituals became watching the evening news at seven-thirty, and the news was never good.
Acts of remembrance can surface out of daily rituals, even interrupted ones.
In certain parts of the country, though, it's easy to imagine deep-frying fitting into the holiday rituals.
In response, elected officials from both parties have engaged in rituals of deficit reduction.
Soon he had parishioners performing rituals of collective penitence and processing through their villages with statues of saints.
We are in the position of anthropologists observing the rituals and liturgy of an alien culture.
Little by little, the festival developed its rituals, with a community spirit that might make us feel almost nostalgic.
For the religious, it's a time of church services, prayers and rituals.
It's a mutating event anchored in unchanging rituals.
But such rituals have been toned down in today's no-risk, litigious, surveillance society.
Settle into a comfort zone through holiday routines and rituals.
With such long and lasting traditions come rituals as well.
From gruesome ancient rituals to modern pharmacology, mankind had been trying to discover what's really going on inside our heads.
Many people, understandably skeptical about these quasi-religious rituals, have stopped flying instead.
Religions incorporate singing and even dancing in their rituals.
There is comfort in these rituals, in knowing what the first day will bring.
And if life must be taken, one returns the body swiftly to families for the proper burial rituals.
These rituals help us feel more bonded with others in the community.
One way to include family and friends in our self-care routine is to create rituals that include them.
Cultural issues that affect people who are dealing with the loss of a loved one include rituals, beliefs, and roles.

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