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Through federal protection, at-risk populations are given the chance to rebound.
By doing so he deliberately plunges back into the contingency, risk, and moral uncertainty that he had temporarily escaped.
He tells much, and what he does not tell he leaves you to infer, without risk of going astray.
The government and legislature would be wanting in their duty to the people if they ran any risk.
The fact that such wounds are attended with peculiar risk has been long noticed.
He proceeded to do so at considerable personal risk.
But hundreds of other hungry guests dared not move closer and risk losing their place in line for the food at the event.
Such pests are putting this variety of banana at risk-with some scientists saying it is careening toward extinction.
He did not want to risk another critical failure, especially with such an unorthodox piece.
We were lucky to have a few businesses who took a risk.
And the expansion of waterside farms, which hippos often raid, has increased the risk that the animals will tangle with people.
Even stationary targets, such as oil platforms, are at risk.
Two, a great many of us are at risk for the backlash by the ignorant.
Personal freedoms were surrendered, creativity and risk-taking never flourished, the leadership seemed to lurk behind every tree.
His policy work focuses on aggregate risk management and insurance arrangements for emerging markets and developed economies.
In fact, people are consistently bad at dealing with uncertainty, underestimating some kinds of risk and overestimating others.
Until recently the risk of contagion had seemed small.
Risk insurance creates the illusion that risk can be insured away far beyond any actuarial limit.
They will create a false sense of security and push risk taking too far.
First, the lender needs to know whether a would-be borrower is a good risk.
Bank bosses peered enviously at the profits and risk-taking prowess of the venerable investment bank.
Companies with costs in one currency and revenues in another needed to hedge exchange-rate risk.
Regulators have become bolder, which should also help to reduce the risk of a crisis.
Monitoring risk in the financial system was once a job for officials thought to be too dull for monetary policy.
Marine mammals face even steeper odds, with one in three species at risk of disappearing, according to the study.
Larger tuna are at risk if they eat smaller fish that have themselves ingested the oil.
They are at risk to disease that their immune systems cannot fight as well as mortal injury from the loggers.
Urban development can magnify the risk of environmental hazards such as flash flooding.
Still, they are at risk, perhaps more now than ever.
Without enough ice, the bears risk being trapped on land, where they face starvation.
The cats are not transgenic animals-their genes have not been altered to make them less of an allergy risk.
But watching risk is contrary to how many investors manage their portfolios.
Researchers say that daily caffeine jolt might also reduce your risk of developing a type of skin cancer.
Too many hours on the job could put high school teens at risk.
It's a dangerous liaison, which is why there must be something else going on to make it worth the risk.
Given your situation, one last semester in a non-continuing contract, this is a low risk opportunity to speak up for yourself.
It is also a more artistically ambitious piece, which carries some risk of strong reaction.
For a grad student, running off and doing things on one's own is a risk: that's all.
Failing a lot of students is a serious risk, financially, for the college and the professor.
Both field and laboratory-based research are difficult, and grant agencies are risk-averse.
Allied countries are also at high risk of receiving large migration flows as a result of their intervention.
All of those programs and structures are now at risk.
The risk is that they suppress the essential autonomy of the creator in trying to do so.
The bottom line is that students who speak out or organize in any way risk serious exposure.
However, the effectiveness of these lifesaving resources is at risk.
Even moderately obese adults have double the risk of hypertension than people with normal weights.
The risk increases proportionately with dramatic weight changes as well as with frequent weight cycling.
Resistance to technology is an omnipresent risk for every innovator.
The profile can help determine your risk for heart disease.
Large parental age differences increase the risk for psychiatric disorders, whereas other environmental factors decrease risk.
Tracking such data could identify groups at risk for future genocide.
And humans are not the only ones at risk: all manner of other animal and plant species could be affected.
Species at risk include bottom-dwelling species, burrowing crustaceans such as shrimp, and filter-feeding shellfish.
As the obesity epidemic accelerates, more researchers are looking to prenatal risk factors.
The amygdala damage did not appear to affect risk-aversion-a similar behavior with an important difference.
There's a risk of brain damage for the amateurs too, despite their use of head protection.
But chronic stress can increase the risk of diseases such as depression, heart disease and even cancer.
We don't even know all the genes involved in conferring addiction risk.
And by reducing the microbial community, you also run the risk of reducing protection against the pathogens.
The custom derivatives that little end-users sometimes require would carry with them additional risk for a clearing house.
But another risk factor in maritime piracy is the cost of doing business.
Regardless of the folly of currency pegs, fundamentally, debt adds risk.
The combination is likely to be unstable if the different cultures have different risk profiles.
If your party's trailing, you're better off taking the risk.
The site granted them a huge market of potential buyers and the ability to scale their project nearly risk-free.
There's always a new gene being discovered that ups our risk for a certain disease.
Living donation is a low-risk procedure for the donor that offers life-changing rewards for the recipient.
Surprisingly, obesity has also emerged as a risk factor.
Others seem utterly undisturbed by financial risk or even thrive on it.
Research has soundly disproved the alleged connection, yet fears about vaccines continue to be a major risk to public health.
The segment contains several genes, one of which raises the risk of autism.
He begat the project but was then shut out for being a perceived security risk.
The global warming risk that's also a great opportunity.
But again, they have not improved care, and-since surgery is never without risk-have arguably worsened it.
For humans in traditional societies, the risk is much higher and increases with age.
The unsettling flip side is that telomerase-boosting treatments aimed at slowing aging might also increase the risk of cancer.
Deprive the brain of testosterone at either time and you risk perturbing the sublime development of maleness.
But low-cost does not necessarily mean low-risk or technically routine.
Poaching and habitat loss remains a huge risk, and will probably get worse with climate change.
There are ways to do that, but it takes specialized equipment, and it's not worth the risk if you don't know what you're doing.
At the time of writing, a complete meltdown at one or more of the reactors was still deemed to be a risk.
The way individual insurance works now, risk and price are linked.
Two, there is no free lunch: you can't beat the market without taking on more risk.
For years now, people have clung to the conviction that you can have outsized returns with little risk, leverage without recoil.
There's also the risk of inflation getting out of control.
Don't risk it on rich tax avoider or fornicating influence peddler.
Seventy per cent of patients suffering from glaucoma risk blindness because they don't use their eyedrops regularly.
Pirates also needed to limit the risk that their leaders would put individual interests ahead of the interests of the ship.
The state agency responsible for indigent defense has run out of money, and other cases are at risk of being delayed or derailed.
He was no stolid merchant but an audacious risk-taker, and something of a rebel in early life.
The big risk of reforming the system is that it weakens the state's economic hold over its citizens.
As they do, they disrupt the chain of life in their eco-systems, putting themselves and other species at risk.
To make it that kind of a movie was the big risk and the big challenge, but also the thing that pulled it out of the fire.
The engineers estimated the risk to be of the order of one disaster in a hundred missions.
Every sentence in these essays has to please, and nowhere is an argument carried through at the risk of tiring the reader.
He thought that the plywood was in order to absorb some of the impact so as to avoid the risk of physical injury.
Should these nations not be able to pay their debts, bond buyers wanted a high enough interest rate to compensate for the risk.
There is a risk that if the market continues to rise and stimulate spending, inflation will become more serious.
Hence the existential frisson: to miss salvation by a hair was to risk damnation.
These plans would be paid by a government agency, with premiums adjusted for the degree of risk estimated for each patient.
These are people with life-threatening illnesses at high risk of suicide who have impaired functioning.
Few good proposals are free of risk, and even fewer come with impeccable academic credentials.
In a city where access is all, few wanted to risk losing it.
Those who alter the contours of his official self-portrait risk being described as unstable.
The possibility of risk, far from bothering me, fills me with the feverish emotion of one who awaits his beloved.
And that points to widening systemic risk in ever more complex financial markets.
But stopping the heart increases the risk of brain damage.
However, egg-donation procedure is uncomfortable and potentially painful, and it carries some medical risk.
Therefore, doctors are blindly picking samples to test, running the risk that they will miss an actual tumor.
The device is implanted in the pulmonary artery, an area that carries a low risk of clotting.
The extent of the radiation risk, however, is unclear.
New data suggest that aggressive drug treatments to reduce known heart-disease risk factors don't actually help diabetes patients.
Expect more risk of heatstrokes, asthma, allergies and infectious disease.
But never question the dedication of those who put themselves at risk.
If you miss a dose, you have an increased risk of developing a blood clot.
Fortunately, anyone can take steps to lower their risk.
Risk factors for cardiovascular disease are also often risk factors for other chronic diseases.

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