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It tenderizes meat and slows the development of yeast in bread dough, preventing the dough from over-rising and collapsing.
The rising sun illuminates a place of inspiring beauty.
Water early in the morning when the temperature is rising.
As rolls rise they will part slightly, and if hastened in rising are apt to lose their shape.
He vigorously opposed the rising heresies of that age.
Their seats extended from the rising to the setting sun.
It is usually mixed in the morning, and the cook is able to watch the dough while rising and keep it at uniform temperature.
These trenchant observations, in a book which at once became popular, must have gone to swell the rising puritan opposition.
The results of a new study suggest that rising temperatures are leaving a mark on the world.
So get used to rising temperatures and rising sea levels.
Rising sea levels are bad news for residents of coastal communities and island nations.
Greenhouse gases have taken much of the blame for rising global surface temperatures over the past century.
Humanity's ability to change the climate and subsequent impacts, including rising sea levels, has been apparent for centuries.
The achievement is an example to a world that must face the task of increasing food supplies to feed a rising population.
Global freshwater resources are threatened by rising demands from many quarters.
They are formed when water vapor condenses within pockets of rising air.
Art-history scholars face narrowing publishing venues and rising permissions costs.
Colleges are caught between falling revenue from many sources and rising costs for services.
State revenues are slowly rising back toward pre-recession levels.
The rising cost of college could spell trouble for college fund-raising offices.
De-unionization is in fact one of the major causes of rising income inequality.
Rising seniors will be able to complete the program before it is shuttered.
Airlines are again voicing concerns about rising fuel costs.
The idea that ocean basins can flood catastrophically during periods of rising sea levels is nothing new in geology.
Fast food isn't the only factor in rising obesity rates.
Pale light seeped in from a sun rising somewhere out of sight.
Fanciers of authentic chocolate will always know where to go to satisfy their cravings, although at rising prices, no doubt.
The heat and smoke, rising to ceiling height, had effectively hidden all exit signs.
Rising temperatures are rapidly reducing the ice that permanently caps high mountains around the world.
Nearby, bulldozers plow acres of sod into an ever-rising mound.
Rising asthma rates may be partly explained by bacterial imbalances in our guts.
As rising temperatures melt the polar ice cap, five countries race to map their claims to a new energy frontier.
Sea levels have been rising for decades, due mostly to global warming caused by greenhouse gases.
It's hardly news that the world's glaciers are melting-a phenomenon widely attributed to gradually rising global temperatures.
The rising sun spills through poplar trees, marking out long fingers of light on the ground.
With rising costs, some farmers are no longer able to stay in business.
While the temperature is rising, more cool summer photography shows are opening.
The economy is still limping, job losses are still rising, and consumers are still reluctant to open their wallets.
Fumes rising into the air from traffic present a serious problem.
So far, it's managed a couple of hundred thousand mortgages, but that's been dwarfed by the rising number of foreclosures.
Still, they reflect a rising line of ecological mindfulness that approaches the declining plane of biological diversity.
In it, a rising figure is played by the piano and then repeated by the horns.
These changes did not cause the rising prices of the past couple of years, but they have made them more damaging.
The company has a fault, which reviewers have been pointing out for years: the dancers have difficulty rising to heroic roles.
Instead of rising sharply, the stock of companies that trim their workforces is likely to fall.
He was employed as a clerk there for thirteen years, rising to chief clerk, and was considered a model employee.
If the job market were seriously tightening now, there would be some sign of renewed inflation and rapidly rising wages.
Amid rising insecurity and uncertainty there is fear and a sense of foreboding.
So the decline in demand on the investor side will have to be made up somewhere else to keep the price steady or rising.
Something where the fundamentals suggests rising prices in the near future.
The deeper water is still spotted with tide walkers advancing at the same pace as the rising water.
Surpluses are the result of rising tax receipts and falling outlays.
In the good times, the strongest cities were close to capital that came from rising home prices and exotic financial products.
With job growth accelerating and wages rising, almost every indicator is turning positive.
Or, at any rate, the rising economy meant that all sorts of mistakes would be covered by a rich resale price.
Outside, the air temperature was below zero, but the mist rising from the water kept my head warm.
It's not uncommon to see the same piece sold over and over again in a single year, rising in price at each sale.
On the whole, however, the franchise looked askance at the rising counterculture.
Soon it seemed as if people were rising by magic from the dusty furrows and hillocks.
Wave energy systems place objects on the water's surface that generate energy by rising and falling with the waves.
The solar market as a whole has been growing, helped by rising energy prices and government incentives.
Rising oil prices and the threat of global warming have rekindled the search for alternative sources of energy.
The information allows physicians to know immediately if oxygen levels in the patient's blood are rising or falling.
Yet biofuels have come under criticism lately--experts say they've contributed to rising food prices.
And used in reverse, it can help keep water levels from rising above levees when the river is in flood.
With detonation, pressure is rising, and the total energy available for the turbine increases.
Over the past few months, major players in the world of e-mail have proposed schemes for combating the rising tide of spam.
Now content is experiencing a resurgence with the rising popularity of blogs and new low-cost online publishing models.
The school's educational program had steadily evolved, spawning new departments, and enrollments were rising.
Conversely, long-term contracts and stable or rising revenue expectations favor these projects.
Deaths from malaria are rising as older medicines fail.
Biofuels could be a crucial weapon against both rising temperatures and dwindling global oil supplies.
Today, freshwater resources are threatened by rising population and the effects of climate change.
Plotted on a graph, the speed of a procrastinator's work is a straight line, rising as the deadline gets closer.
Yet the sea level here is slowly but steadily rising.
The huge rising economies of the past generation, and next generation.
Also endangered by rising acidity are coral reefs, home to an astonishingly diverse range of aquatic life.
Sharply rising grain prices underscored ethanol's impact on household budgets and the global food supply.
Scared by this silently rising pressure of violence, he forced himself back into civilization and began treatment.
The heat of the sun causes air to rise, and the rising air produces wind, which pushes the water into waves.
Moreover, the incidence of autism is apparently rising rapidly.
However, rising oil prices are having a ripple effect, and industrial microbiology began to gain momentum a few years ago.
When scientists try to understand the local impacts of rising global temperatures, for example, they find immense variation.
If the ground gets heated, rising air can punch through cooler air above it.
Six times sweeter than glucose, it wreaks havoc with metabolism and has been linked to rising rates of obesity and diabetes.
What you perceive as a rising drop of water is actually frames of many different falling drops.

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