risible in a sentence

Example sentences for risible

Their simplifications, generalizations and appalling command of logic only make their whining more risible.
The flagrant double standard would be risible if it did not carry such serious consequences.
Judged by the risible progress in the past four years, neither seems likely.
The defeat of his cherished colour-coded terrorism alerts was risible.
Salads might in some other restaurant be risible sops to the tastes of the timid.
His explanation was too risible to repeat, let alone rebut.
Yet risible as the cause may be, the danger is real.
Overall a weak and somewhat risible effort on your part.
The dialogue is expectedly risible, while the story is at once elemental and incomprehensible.
Nothing wrong with that, except that the results were often risible.
Risk management was risible, with risk limits raised whenever they were breached and dodgy investments excluded from stress tests.
The question that plagues his party leaders is whether this beguiling wit will propel him to political success or risible failure.
Much once thought authentic now seems strange, even risible.
Scarring from a greenhouse, now removed, is risible in the wing's east wall.
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