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Example sentences for riser

He was an early riser, and a great friend of hunting.
Rather, the additional seats attached to standards that were bolted to a riser below the primary seat.
So if you're an early riser or a certified insomniac, you're in business.
When the rig sank, the riser tore loose and collapsed to the sea floor.
Oil is currently escaping from two leaks, one at each end of the well's riser.
Many guests are surprised to learn that all water pipes in our system run off a single riser.
She kept completely different hours from her husband, who was an early riser.
She has a reputation for being blunt-spoken, but also for being a politically connected fast-riser.
Unfortunately, one of the steps and one riser have large rust stains.
Fall is a great time for a photographer to be an early riser.
Riser velocities were corrected for temperature and pressure as measured at the base of the riser.
The manhole riser must be pre-cast concrete and maybe square or round.
Cut and fit new tread or riser to match original in size and thickness.

Famous quotes containing the word riser

Mute as a turnip from the Fourth Of July to All Fools' Day, O high-riser, my little loaf.... more
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