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It also means that demand will rise more generally, since consumers and business people will be more willing to travel.
Sea level rise can increase the height of storm waves, making more areas vulnerable to storm damage.
Population growth and sea-level rise will heighten the risk in this area.
Another adds predicted sea level rise to those variables.
Here's how scientists figure out when the sun is really going to rise.
The price of leadership continues to rise in higher education, particularly in terms of presidential pay at public universities.
The rise of information theory aided and abetted a new view of life.
Buttermilk's slight acidity helps activate baking soda and make bread rise.
Blossoms are carried on leafy stems that rise from tough, woody, spreading rootstocks.
To do it properly required a total understanding of the art and culture that gave rise to particular modes of writing.
Flat-topped clusters of inconsequential flowers rise above the leaves in summer.
Forms tight foliage rosette from which rise erect, branching flower stems.
Tender berries rise to the top of these little cups, while creamy lemon cake awaits at the bottom.
From a perennial root, many herbaceous stems rise every year to form a clump ab more add to my plant list.
Dense flower clusters on sturdy stems rise above bright green leaves.
Pink buds give rise to white flowers add to my plant list.
Blossoms are carried on leafy stems that rise from to more add to my plant list.
The new study suggests the reverse: that both mining and metallurgy might spur the rise of complex society.
Genetically modified crops are on the rise worldwide, but acceptance of their safety is growing slowly.
Some people could not sleep and waited through the long hours to see if the sun would ever rise again.
The rise and key role in modern life of geographical information systems.
Suicide is on the rise for the first time in a decade, and it has a new face: middle-aged, white adults.
The rise of snowshoe racing parallels the rise in popularity of snowshoeing.
Dark green, dainty leaves give rise to purple summer flowers.
The heat causes these combustion products to expand, which lowers their density, and they rise due to buoyancy.
They also cause moist air to rise and cool, so that more rain is deposited on one side of a mountain than on the other.
Those challenges are giving rise to creative solutions that will influence robotics and other medical technologies in general.
When you make yeast-based bread, you often have to wait for it to rise.
Water vapor tends to become super cooled since water vapor molecules rise continuously in air.
It's known that levels of growth hormone rise during certain stages of sleep.
To be poor, and to seem poor, is a certain method never to rise.
The anterior part of this fissure gives rise to the prominence of the calcar avis in the posterior cornu of the lateral ventricle.
Human courage should rise to the height of human calamity.
The maxillary process also gives rise to the lower portion of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity.
May put an end to that, but it gave rise to a new stream of questions, mostly about housing.
But as costs rise and resources shrink, something has to give.
When the euro is in trouble the dollar and yen rise.
If it causes a rise in book piracy, it is only because it is driving demand.
At its border with the stratosphere, temperature begins to rise and convection essentially stops.
Consumer demand for chocolate-which is derived from cocoa powder made from the seeds of the cacao tree-is on the rise.
Despite decades of warnings, greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, warming the world.
Though limited, this work gave rise to some speculation.
Scientists think it could be part of the rise of allergies and asthma.
But developments in theoretical physics, especially the rise of string theory, have changed their perspective.
Trade is collapsing and protectionism is on the rise.
Among the shacks, though, rise three-storey brick structures with satellite dishes on their tin roofs.
So a rise in wheat prices has knock-on effects on other crops.
If those claims multiply or rise in price, that does not mean aggregate wealth has increased.
Reservoirs along the river may never rise to previous levels.
It took several years after the fall of the regime for the soulful music to again rise in the esteem of its countrymen.
Airfares are on the rise again and unlikely to fall again anytime soon.
When goods spend more time in transit, inventory costs rise.
Economists had hoped that a steady rise in demand would prompt businesses to step up orders and restock depleted shelves.
Larger climate shifts have catalyzed the rise and fall of whole societies.
Yet even as the economy has markedly improved, the suicide rate has continued to rise.
Even rents and housing prices are on the rise, especially in communities that are close to successful upstarts.
As mortgage interest rates rise, borrowers' purchasing power falls.
Stocks prices rise and fall based on the amount of money people are willing to buy and sell those stocks for.
These upswings correlate with a rise in sea surface temperatures.
If fossil fuel use continues to rise, so will global temperatures, with severe consequences for the planet.
The rise, glory, and collapse of an ancient civilization.
Because of this, a storm surge doesn't rise as high when a hurricane is over deep water.
Other researchers suggest the crustacean could use the bacteria to combat toxic fluids that rise from the volcanic vents.
The top of the wave moves faster than the bottom, causing the sea to rise dramatically.
Other e-mails give rise to wry chuckles, which is where this list begins.
The booming economy means that work moves fast, and new industrial districts rise in distinct stages.
It's that acid that interacts with the baking soda to create the bubbles that make a cake rise.
If you didn't read the fine print, you might think that reading was on the rise.
Businesses will see their health-coverage expenses rise from ten per cent of total labor costs to seventeen per cent.
Now it comes round again, the time to rise and cook up a day.
Things unsaid and now unsayable rise around them, but nothing is resolved.
He moved his office to a high-rise with a well-defended ground floor.
That's me crying over the depressing rise of cuteness.
Speaker one will ask that everyone rise for the pledge and/or national anthem.
He never had to bribe anyone in his rise as real-estate mogul, he boasted.
The trial dragged on for six weeks, giving rise to more questions than answers.
Timeline of key events in the rise of social-networking sites.
Obviously, security gives rise to some straightforward problems, and businesses should examine whether they have solved them.
As they do, segments with distinct chemical properties can rise to the surface.
So the electron pair zips around the material unimpeded, giving rise to superconductivity.
Epithelial cells give rise to the outer enamel, while mesenchymal cells form a tooth's inner connective tissue and blood vessels.
As health-care expenses rise, so does the need to develop more effective practices and technology to manage and treat patients.
Capillary rise into inter-filament gaps must be overcome in addition to individual filament wetting.
So improvements in personal armor give rise to more expensive and demoralizing injuries for the same weapons.
However,the rise in corn prices has brought the price of other grains up, such as wheat and soybeans.
Past predictions of sea-level rise owing to global warming were exaggerated, according to a new study.
And yet diagnosis of the condition appears to be on the rise.
When the pancreas gives up, or slows down production, blood sugar starts to rise.
No other contact sport gives rise to as many serious brain injuries as football does.
Pollution, overfishing, and the rise of microbes spell doom for many bodies of water.
If the bottles break, they may give rise to sharp trauma.
In fact, the rise in cognitive test scores correlated with lower insulin levels.
For those in the field, the rise of the machines has been dramatic and pervasive.
For instance, the pitch may rise and fall more rapidly in response to one human than it does in response to another.
But if some cells remain in the uterus or have escaped into the bloodstream, the hcg level resumes its rise.
We hear of his rise to increasingly lofty offices with more and more generous salaries to match.
Both educational level and longevity have continued to rise rapidly.
The cure is to keep a lower profile and be more generous with money and know-how in helping other economies to rise.
Perry's rise was not meteoric and his victories were not landslides.
The event was the beginning of his rise to the status of superstar.
Even so, results rise to the top of a search query because an invisible hand is shepherding them there.
That's a significant rise, but not overwhelming, and could be addressed with moderate tax increases and possibly benefit cuts.
Sea level rise affects more than beaches and oceanfront land owners.
The first step in planning for the effects of sea-level rise is to identify which facilities are at risk.

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