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It recently held a full-day symposium devoted to the benefits of riparian buffer zones for waterside properties.
But it will also generate less controversy among downstream riparian neighbours.
Breeding: open woodlands with dense undergrowth, riparian corridors, and parks.
Breeding: nests in a variety of habitats, from mixed coniferous forest to montane riparian.
Riparian vegetation around streams has been particularly degraded.
Small populations extend onto deserts along riparian corridors.
River habitats, called riparian systems, often contain lush vegetation and a wealth of animal species.
Breeding: mainly open woodlands and riparian areas, especially fond of cottonwoods.
Breeding: deciduous woodlands, primarily riparian areas.
Breeding: deciduous forest, forest-edge parkland, riparian forest.
These locations represent a variety of habitats and elevations within the park, including riparian and mountains.
As the channel deepens and the elevation of the river drops, the water table beneath the riparian areas drops correspondingly.
Many downstream fear the impact that diverting the lake's overflow would have on their water quality and riparian ecology.
They are an important part of the riparian food chain: they eat leaves and algae, and are in turn eaten by fish.
Singing males are generally easy to see in a variety of habitats, from open coniferous forests to montane riparian areas.
Breeding: open woodlands, urban parks, and riparian woodlands particularly in the west of range.
Year-round: oak woodlands and mixed oak-conifer or oak-riparian woodlands.
Riparian areas in a desert environment are vital places.
Wetlands and riparian areas typically occur as natural buffers between uplands and adjacent water bodies.
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