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Example sentences for rind

Trim the green skin and any pink flesh from the rind.
Trim tough rind from ham, leaving as much fat as possible.
Trim any visible fat from the top of the ham, but do not remove the rind.
Cut the halves into paper-thin slices, rind and all.
In reality, this is more of an estimate since it is probably difficult to even rind all the spending.
Sugar can be added to make it go down more easily, they said, and the rind should not be consumed.
Place the ham on a flat surface with the rind side up.
When eating fresh, removing the rind is a matter of personal taste.
He had been suffering from a liver complaint, complicated by dysentery, rind due to malaria.
Remove saucepan from heat and add lemon juice and lemon rind.
Stir in the chocolate, the almonds and the lemon rind.
Add cheese rind if using, tomato paste, bay leaves and stock or water.
Pour the broth into a blender, add the leeks, roasted garlic and lemon rind.
Add the tomatoes, saffron, grated lemon rind and broth.
Add the potatoes, asparagus stalks, chicken broth and lemon rind.
Combine the roasted garlic and lemon rind in a small bowl.
It comes in big wheels with rust-colored rind enclosing a satiny, semisoft paste.
Juice the lemon and add the juice, the squeezed lemon rind and the ginger to the water.
Buy small pieces with rind on-they will keep better-and grate only as much as you need.
Pork rind pellets are made from cooked pork skins and are the main material used in making pork rind snacks.
Place prepared rind in large kettle and add salt and enough boiling water to cover.
Today's varieties are larger, the flesh sweeter, the seeds smaller and the rind thinner.

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