rigour in a sentence

Example sentences for rigour

For a party that has trouble reconciling extravagant promises with financial rigour, this is no small step.
Requiring private capital is another way to bring rigour: its suppliers are used to weighing up the returns from competing uses.
Questions will also be asked about the academic rigour of such programmes.
The policies include the successful pursuit of price stability, fiscal rigour, foreign investment and open trade.
Society needs highly trained critical thinkers to tackle complex problems with rigour and research skills.
So it is a relief to find two accounts with a rare combination of sympathetic nuance and critical rigour.
Of course they will fail to do so because all the information provided by them was inaccurate and without scientific rigour.
Most business books would profit from a bit more rigour.
It is quite frustrating to see an increase in conceptual sophistication, rigour, and accuracy characterised as a laughable gaffe.
As someone mentioned before minimum wages are not de rigour in all developed countries.

Famous quotes containing the word rigour

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