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Decisions made at the top are carried out rigorously to the lowest level.
The elements of the word are related to each other in a specific way and follow each other in a rigorously determined sequence.
Every day his arguments became more extreme, more rigorously exact, and more distressing to his master.
We certainly need teachers who are both highly skilled and who can think rigorously beyond the confines of their own discipline.
The mission of the community college is not to rigorously ignore cutting edge research.
The key is to press them, gently at first, then more rigorously.
But the wildness of the setting and the demands of the terrain rigorously test your stamina and technique.
In my hometown, families spend good money to filter water that's rigorously tested each day.
Fastidiously gathered, rigorously sorted, they can reveal emergent meanings.
The trouble is that regulations are not being enforced rigorously.
Those perceptions have not been tested rigorously in people, but animal studies lend credence to them.
It should only be considered as an observation which has to be rigorously studied before being published.
As a result, too many confounds occur, when terms are not rigorously critiqued and defined.
At the end, the results are rigorously studied by others in your department to spot any flaws, again in the methodology.
Your entire argument has been that the global warming proponents published results were rigorously peer reviewed.
At times its rigorously research-led approach can be slightly heavy going.
The game was also rigorously studied and trained for.
The external vestiges of his power were impressive and rigorously promoted.
The best companies will use this to their advantage by thinking through more rigorously what it is they are trying to say and do.
But for now the emphasis is on tightening existing laws and enforcing them more rigorously.
So the law, if rigorously enforced, could disrupt the state's economy.
The government seems little inclined to deter the volunteers more rigorously.
The government should spread its bets widely, monitor the results rigorously and cut its losses ruthlessly.
Earlier cookbook writers had experimented with some of these innovations, but none had combined them so rigorously.
In nature, all experiments are rigorously tested over eons.
But of course one cannot rigorously prove a causal connection between the barber's prayers and my visit.
The great majority collapse under the weight of contradictory data when studied rigorously.
The style of the romance is rigorously close to things.
Filling out this section was mandatory, and the requirement was rigorously enforced.
Let's go through the extant familiar forms of political dissent more rigorously.
All these suspects are questioned rigorously, but those in the top ranks get the full coercive treatment.
Nothing is systematically or rigorously examined-which is to say that nothing is subjected to the longevity of narrative.
But, otherwise, the characters are rigorously anonymous.
He also had rigorously old-fashioned notions of honor, which made his revolutionary approach to art all the more of an enigma.
Although he is rigorously intellectual, he doesn't want to be thought of as introspective.
If such a lock is found, an algorithm rigorously determines whether the drug fits snugly into it.
It's critically important that you shop rigorously and ask the right questions.
All from my rigorously planned, considered and audited bulb budget.
The reason for this is because the full-stop rule is not rigorously enforced and is generally scoffed at socially.
Consider the rigorously scientific methods employed by the medical profession in its efforts to curb the epidemic.
That's why scientists need to learn how reason rigorously, and elucidate their premises.
Moreover, whenever it has been rigorously tested, it has been shown to be no better than a placebo.
Please stop trying to use a fancy linguistic trick to un-define society when you're not willing to use it rigorously.
But he admits that it hasn't been proven rigorously, because satellites can't measure underneath the ice.
Each and every subject has to be debated rigorously and all sides viewpoints, and then a final conclusion made.
Being rigorously correct in every single statement you make is a recipe for never being understood.
His method is to study mental processes that can be observed and measured under rigorously controlled experimental conditions.
Many innovations have not been around long enough to have been rigorously evaluated.

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