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They were, rather, the product of rigorous observation and of years of trial and error.
Most veterinarians make around sixty thousand a year, and veterinary training can be as costly and rigorous as medical training.
The moment demanded clarity of mind and rigorous governance, and yet he could not summon them.
We built a rigorous drug validation program and brought new standards of quality to our field.
He wants to be paid a reasonable amount as reward for long and difficult training and a rigorous life.
Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications will ease any discomfort from a rigorous cleaning.
Few rigorous studies have evaluated herbal remedies for asthma.
Such prescriptions seem sensible, but they have little rigorous science to back them up.
For those who otherwise submit to a rigorous reading regime, summer offers the chance to loosen up.
There are calls for culling or allowing trophy hunting under rigorous controls.
They feel they can to do it all: manage the rigorous academic schedule while maintaining a social profile.
They lack public firms' rigorous systems of corporate governance and financial reporting.
Rigorous research on the nature and exercise of leadership is thin on the ground.
For one thing, it makes these executives more rigorous thinkers.
It would be useful, therefore, to have some rigorous academic research to point the way.
They rely on rigorous selection committees to impose quality control and do their best to avoid any hint of cronyism.
Even a freak snowstorm now seems to sow added doubt about this rigorous body of research.
And even a small change could be a shocking development for a theory that has withstood so many rigorous tests.
That's what the final, less than rigorous, paragraph was trying to get at.
But, overall it was a good review, right on the mark and rigorous in many respects.
Evolution has no purpose, it's merely a rigorous description of the way things are.
Scientists have such rigorous methodologies to try and minimize these biases.
There should be a rigorous inquiry into the possibility of official involvement and malfeasance.
Foreigners accused of waging illegal war against us must be tried under standards no less rigorous than that code.
Your time on campus can be a rigorous, intense, and exhausting experience.
Choose people who are laid back in their personality, and get along well, but are still rigorous researchers.
These days, the hoop has been made much more rigorous and is well on its way to becoming a comprehensive exam.
We expect your dissertation to be intellectually sound, interesting, and rigorous.
Nowhere else are there such rigorous standards for employment.
In short, it's a pecking order, and the higher ranked journals have a more rigorous review process.
Lower ranked journals have weaker boards and less rigorous review.
Neither would having rigorous sampling procedures for reviewers or peer review by crowdsourcing.
He followed two groups of adults who went through rigorous memory exercises.
Without rigorous validation, models can mislead, as small errors expand into large ones.
Zamboni himself concluded that his findings should be subjected to more rigorous testing.
These papers use rigorous experimental and statistical methods that improve validity of the evidence presented within them.
Coming into better focus through rigorous scientific pursuit across many disciplines.
We have done so using rigorous, established, well-accepted physics.
If you are to make accusations the onus is upon you to provide rigorous, reproducible science to back them up.
In fact as you well know, or should, the work of insurance actuaries is often more rigorous than that of some research workers.
After rigorous testing, the big pharma sells fish oil to lower triglycerides.
Mathematics can be used for rigorous prediction only if the formula can be shown to result from a deeper law.
Fundamentals of economics indeed are too weak or shaky and must be revamped to make them scientifically rigorous.
Imagine this innovation a system of thought and morality that is based on trial and error that is rigorous.
That's why there are such rigorous requirements for publication in the first place.
But peer review is the only real way to address and publish rigorous scientific studies.
These are important questions and rigorous research is needed to improve the detailed understanding beyond the above estimates.
While not a rigorous workout, it was much more active than my last attempt at saving the princess.
Brown was better at tinkering than theorizing, so he never developed a rigorous scientific explanation for why this happened.
At the same time, buried among the far-fetched claims were rigorous reports from credentialed scientists.
But he said a rigorous investigation is being conducted and will continue.
But to earn these rates, you must meet rigorous requirements.
Members of these units undergo a rigorous selection process.
Tankers returned to service only after rigorous reinspections and new maintenance protocols.
More rigorous fasts, such as a water-only fast, should only be undertaken by those experienced in fasting and detoxification.
She went out on the back of a motorcycle and did rigorous fieldwork.
Conservationists are urging a more rigorous environmental review.

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