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Example sentences for rigidly

But in retrospect, maybe he fixed his sights a little too rigidly on an arbitrary calendar date.
In this last matter the autographs are rigidly respected, the rare intentional aberration being scrupulously noted.
Dogma, rigidly prescribed by tradition, stiffens into formalism.
It was a let-down from the conventional heights they had all walked so rigidly.
We hardly present ourselves so rigidly and such rhetoric serves no constructive purpose.
We need a new set of tools that recognize more variations instead of rigidly enforcing outdated dogma.
The program was rigidly arranged and planned with little room for spontaneity.
Instead of rigidly quoting the dictionary, they would stretch the boundaries of language.
The sphere of human activity is rigidly confined, and contracting.
The music was invariably insipid and the dances rigidly patterned.
Even more strangely, the individual floors of a pagoda are not rigidly attached to those immediately above and below.
They lived in dorms and their time was rigidly controlled.
Indeed, thanks to arbitrage, forward currency rates rigidly reflect interest rate differentials.
On the other hand, sticking rigidly to the pact risks prolonging a recession in the euro area's biggest economy.
The rigidly hierarchical system that made the genocide possible still exists, albeit in a far more benign form.
But even those are not to be depended on rigidly because they are unavoidably culturally tainted.
They marked off cantonments, rigidly inscribing them on the map.
Few places remain where old-fashioned, rigidly dogmatic forms of religion are isolated.
Other studies on eye, ear, and touch reception supported the idea that the adult brain was rigidly organized.
It has its own dogma that has to be rigidly followed.
They frame our minds, make us see things too rigidly.
But the technique requires that the subject's head be held rigidly immobile.
The newspaper's photos showed people sitting rigidly in perfect rows, looking miserable.
It is intended to be rigidly applied, and applied in virtually all cases.
Since this is an active military reservation, access is only by a strictly controlled and rigidly enforced system.

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