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Certain occupational courses such as nursing and aircraft maintenance are much more rigid and consistent across instructors.
But the method they actually use is surprisingly close to how animals with rigid skeletons-including humans-do it, scientists say.
It consists of a light yet rigid foam made of little beams and membranes.
The transistors are sandwiches of metals and insulators that must be laid down on a flat surface, which produces a rigid display.
Though he was a scientist by training, there was nothing rigid or predictable or orderly about him.
She is still surprised by the rigid manners, the deference and silences in her husband's family.
Honorably, the movie is not the usual rigid-arc fable of redemption.
The readiness is all-the ability to discern opportunities and not be hemmed in by rigid abstractions.
From his earliest years he was subjected to a rigid system of intellectual discipline.
There are many stories current about the rigid manner in which his laws were enforced.
For the musician there has been a phenomenal advance beyond the rigid rhythmic and harmonic limitations of the older music.
Instead of being flexible and responsive, the existing structure is rigid and reactive.
At the party, there was a rigid program of events scheduled precisely and painstakingly down to the minute.
The festival is a three-day-long celebration that combines sumptuous feasts as well as rigid fasting.
She shut her eyes and rolled up in a rigid ball, with her cheek cradled in one palm.
Not one part of the plant indicated failure to meet the rigid specifications.
It is undesirable because it can be achieved only through rigid codification, which makes all further discussion pointless.
There is no homogeneity, but everywhere a rigid spirit of caste.
For him, a work of music is not a flexible structure, but a rigid mold.
As a result, the network changes, becoming rigid at room temperature and below.
The more rigid the the fiber, the more he could do with thinning the top for volume, and shaping it for projection and tone.
Their reasoning is limited and rigid even for the brightest kids.
However, mainstream science will eventually stop being so rigid in its dogmas about what is possible and what can be investigated.
Rigid cells, on the other hand, can clog capillaries and cause cerebral hemorrhages.
Flying things such as insects do not have actively bending wings, but power rigid wings at the root.
It can be worn for extended periods without producing the irritation that often results from adhesive tapes and rigid electronics.
The setup yields a more rigid connection between the engine and trans and therefore optimal support.
Instead of rigid bones, axons are built around structural elements, mostly bundles of filaments called microtubules.
Some say a rigid system of perceptions is what holds certain ethnicities from excelling in this nation.
The flexible three-toed sloth has nine vertebrae and the more rigid two-toed sloth has only six.
Get a shoe that has adequate shock absorption, and adequate support with a rigid counter and shank.
Because of its rigid structure, it can carry a lot of weight.
He tries to build a rigid structure to organize his thinking.
Treatment depends on how rigid the foot is when the doctor tries to straighten it.
It's in an economic crisis, and it has long-term budget problems and an over-rigid labor market that raises unemployment rates.
Flexible circuitry would be able to do many things that rigid circuits cannot.
On the street below, five helmeted riot police-one of them with a rifle-stand rigid and vigilant.
Others have less rigid currencies but still intervene to stem what they regard as excessive upward pressure.
That, coupled with rigid labour markets in some places, led to sharp rises in nominal wages.
His team's new design eliminates the need for anything rigid, such as bearings or gears.
Another impediment is the unnecessarily rigid restriction on speed.
Businessmen moan about rigid labour laws, which there is little political will to reform.
If exporters were too rigid, they would not be quite so successful.
If it fails to keep the peace, the border may end up more rigid than either side wants.
However, the regime has grown too rigid and politically bottlenecked to ensure long-term stability and further growth.
Suddenly, the interface isn't fixed and rigid, it's fluid and molten.

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