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All the world's national-security challenges come from regimes that are also rights violators.
We recently lost a champion of the civil rights movement.
Individual liberties and rights are the core of these amendments such as the purpose of the same is to guard the same.
The story behind it is central to the epic struggle of the civil rights movement.
The reward: phenomenal views and aforementioned bragging rights.
The dispute rages over rights for e-books versus print books.
In both cases, courts ruled that patients had no property rights to the tissues or what was derived from them.
Frost had secured the exclusive rights to interview him.
Since the end of the cold war, human rights has become the dominant moral vocabulary in foreign affairs.
The groups are urging voters to repeal a new law limiting the collective-bargaining rights of many state workers.
Fox sought an injunction to stop production until the rights dispute was cleared.
Consumer rights are in danger as copyright owners continue to push for restrictions on the use of digital content.
Animals other than human beings do not have basic rights.
Small buildings are being courted for their development rights.
On the nonacademic side, he expects to apply to some consulting firms and nongovernmental organizations focused on human rights.
Talk diversity all you want, but also respect the rights of others whose views are the polar opposites of yours.
NO nation can claim rights without acknowledging the duties that go with the rights.
We got time to clear up the steerage and forecastle, and set things to rights, and to overhaul our wet clothes a little.
No doubt, one might argue, the promotion artists get is worth more than the performance rights they give up.
The company will have the option to retain commercial rights on products that might develop.
He invented it because he needed some cash and was able to sell the rights within hours.
The fanged ones have confirmed their own existence, and are even pushing for equal rights.
But the move is raising concerns among privacy and civil rights advocates.
They say that being indigenous doesn't grant a species special rights to inhabit an ecosystem.
The event's aims were not simply focused on bragging rights and artistic merit.
Many cyclists are confused about their rights, which is where the new breed of bike lawyers comes in.
Shareholders of longer tenure could get extra voting rights, say, or new ones could be barred from voting for a spell.
Prisoner-rights advocates should not expect his vote in challenges to the system as a whole.
Whatever the country, freedom of thought and expression are universal human rights.
Systematic nonconsideration of human rights is one of the book's features.
Millions have risked their lives to seek self-determination in countries with some of the world's largest civil-rights deficits.
Alloy retains the intellectual-property rights to all the work, but writers share in the revenue generated from the rights.
King and his circle got the images they badly needed, the nation recoiled, and the tide turned for the civil-rights movement.
Gun-rights supporters are ecstatic about the decision.
They are developing for patent rights and then of course profit.
The government also had rights to use them for free.
By all rights their business plan should not have worked, yet here they are.
Many of those who served the country risking their lives for defending human rights and democracy fall into this category.
The law never took effect because lower courts found it violated free-expression rights.
But initial trials are under way while they stake out intellectual property rights.
Unfortunately, that would be a violation of her civil rights.
All plants will be patented by companies, thus owning the rights to all food.
Lists the rights, by law, that are given to all nursing home patients.
No health care facility may require a patient or resident to waive these rights as a condition of admission to the facility.
Deals with issues of discrimination, equal opportunity and human rights.

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